I'm so glad we have a shortage of a dangerous vaccine that does far more harm than any possible good!
Haven't we learned that the annual flu vaccine is not for the current strain of flu?  I would think the public would have heard by now that many medical doctors and the American Medical Association don't recommend people other than children and elders receive the flu vaccine.
They think everyone else is healthy enough to fend off the flu.  But my point, supported by many experts, is that vaccines preserved with mercury-containing Thimerosal should not be given to anyone, especially our aging parents, grandparents and developing children who are the most likely to suffer serious damage and/or death from the mercury poisoning.
And, if you think Thimerosal has been removed - think again!  It's still in the vaccines and it is well documented and noted to the FDA and the U.S. Congress.
You can simply read the last few HNU's and TKM® News to find the references, details and important links.
I don't know about most of you, but I'm getting tired of the ignorance by the media and the lack of effective action by the FDA and governing agencies who are suppose to be looking out for the health of the public, especially our children. 
Let’s just look at some facts!
An article published in the Nov. 2004 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association concluded that, "Results: The study population included 26071 individuals, of whom 3485 died during follow-up. Overall, a first vaccination was associated with a non-significant annual reduction of mortality risk of 10% (hazard ratio [HR], 0.90; 95% confidence interval [CI], 0.78-1.03)".
This is their number one reason for vaccinating!
The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported this month, "Each year, from 10 percent to 20 percent of the U.S. population gets flu. On average, 36,000 Americans die of flu and more than 200,000 must be hospitalized. Nine out of every 10 deaths occur among those older than 64.
The CDC has asked providers to restrict shots to: all children aged 6–23 months; adults aged 65 years and older; persons aged 2–64 years with underlying chronic medical conditions; all women who will be pregnant during the influenza season; residents of nursing homes and long-term care facilities; children aged 6 months–18 years on chronic aspirin therapy; health-care workers involved in direct patient care; and out-of-home caregivers and household contacts of children aged less than 6 months.
On another note, in Washington, D.C., a leading vaccine safety advocate is calling on federal health officials and flu vaccine makers to be honest with the American people about the effectiveness of this year's flu vaccine. "Public health officials knew last spring that it was highly likely that the A/Panama strain in the current vaccine was not going to protect against the mutated, more dangerous A/Fujian strain of flu.  Since there is no evidence mentioned or released, then it is not right to lead people to believe that if they get vaccinated now, they will be protected," said Barbara Loe Fisher, president, National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC)."
A more serious situation! Where does AMC passage begin and end?
Every year, health officials at the World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) gather information about influenza activity around the world to try to make an educated guess about which three flu strains to include in the current year's flu vaccine. This year, in addition to the flu vaccine which is injected, a new live virus nasal flu vaccine is available in the U.S. Both the (so called) inactivated and live virus vaccines contain the same three flu strains. Neither flu vaccine this year contains the mutated Fujian strain that is causing the most severe flu in the U.S. this season.
The new live virus vaccine (FLUMIST), which is squirted up the nose, was licensed by the FDA in June 2003 which recommended its use in healthy individuals between the ages of 5 and 50. The FDA does not recommend it for pregnant women or those with asthma, chronic lung or heart disease; chronic underlying medical conditions such as diabetes or kidney disorders; immune suppression or immune system problems; children or adolescents receiving aspirin therapy, anyone allergic to eggs; or those with a history of Guillain Barre syndrome. It should not be given simultaneously with other vaccines.  If that is not bad enough, there is more.
FLUMIST's vaccine live virus is shed after vaccination so the vaccinated are advised to avoid close contact with immune compromised individuals for at least 21 days. Some hospital personnel are asking those recently vaccinated with FLUMIST to avoid visiting patients in hospitals to prevent the risk of transmitting the vaccine strain virus to sick patients.
The FDA stated that the most common reactions to the live flu vaccine are similar to the flu: runny nose, nasal congestion, cough, sore throat, headache, muscle aches, fever, chills, and weakness.  Does that sound familiar?  It is not the flu, but has all the same symptoms!  How stupid do they really think we are? Well apparently very stupid and gullible.
Between the expert sources we see a non significant reduction of death risk by 10%, when there is only a national death percentage of .122% (that is about 1 tenth of 1%) due to influenza each year. We have a population of 294,710,514 people (about 300 million) and the CDC reports that about 30 million people get the flu each year, although we will have over 100 million doses to vaccinate people this year while there is a so called shortage.  There is something seriously wrong with these numbers, especially when you look at the adverse reaction percentages to flu vaccinations, as presented below.
The CDC released a surveillance for Safety After Immunization: Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) summary - MMWR (), January 24, 2003 / Vol. 52 / No. SS-1 stating that study results show proportions in age groups as follows: >1 year = 18.1%, 1-6 Years = 26.7%, 7-17 years = 8.%, 18-64 = 32.6%, 65 and above = 4.9%, respectively.  In all adult age groups, a predominance among women was reported, but the difference in sex was minimal among children.
The most common adverse event was fever in 25.8% of reports, followed by injection-site hypersensitivity (15.8%), rash (unspecified (11.0%, injection-site edema (10.8%0, and vasodilatation (10.8%).   A total of 14.2% of all reports described serious adverse events, which by regulatory definition include DEATH, life-threatening illness, hospitalization or prolongation of hospitalization, or permanent disability.
Now let's think about this for a moment; these stats from the CDC are only from reported cases, which means that the connection to the vaccination had to be made and help sought and the case reported to VAERS.  What percentage of these reactions do you really think went through that whole process?  It is my opinion that most cases are unreported, even in the case of death - for lack of the connection to the vaccination.  It looks to me that there is more harm being done by these vaccinations than the percentage of reduced mortality risk, which is the claimed purpose for the vaccinations.  I think the wise choice is to not give over three times the amount of vaccine needed to people who do not even get the flu each year, which causes minor to serious adverse reactions from permanent brain damage to death.  It seems insane to me. They all claim that they make no money at providing this, SURE!
Why don't we just spend the effort and money on education for a healthier lifestyle and some basic inexpensive natural supplements - that work. Not to mention TKM® which will prevent you from getting the flu or if the flu is contracted, TKM® can resolve it that day.
These are the facts and my commentary; the decision is up to each of you!
Sources: American Lung Association, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Center for medicare and medicaid Services, Georgia Division of Public Health, MedImmune Vaccines, Inc., Food and Drug Administration, American Medical Association, National Library of Medicine
As I say in most TKM® classes, common sense has not only become uncommon, but the lack of it seems to be spreading like an epidemic. As you can see, I'm freely giving my opinion, but if you want more on how to keep healthy through the winter months and not get the flu, then I would not eat an increase in processed sugars especially in the worst four months of the flu (December, January, February, March) and don't load up on sugars on Thanksgiving either!  I would drink plenty of clean water daily, take some natural vitamin C (buffered) between meals (Not with meals) and keep hygiene up and keep your body covered and warm outside. Don't drink cold or iced beverages, which are never good for your digestion anyway.
Apply the TKM® Median sequence daily and the #3 sequence on left and right side at least twice a week. Don't wear the extra amount of synthetic and blended clothing that most people wear in the winter months. Keep your bowel movements regular over the holidays.  If you do start to feel sick, immediately stop eating hard or slow to digest foods and start drinking a lot of room temperature and hot liquids. No - I don't mean coffee (Not even decaf), hot chocolate or caffeinated teas. Plus, have some healthy soups and increase vitamin C intake to 4k -12k per day (only for a day or two) - away from food.
There are many other things to do and to take, but this is simple for most people. If you feel worse the second day, you could email us or call our office (800-640-7998) for more detailed information.
We're looking out for you!