Whether by Vaccinations, Fish or Metal fillings in our teeth - the exposure to this dangerous poison to the human body is increasing!
The level of methyl mercury vapors from mercury amalgams in teeth exceed the EPA safe limits in the atmosphere by over a thousand percent!
Do you actually realize that even if you don't have any mercury in your mouth or body - you are breathing the exhaled air of people that do have them? You are breathing a highly toxic poisonous gas which is over 1,000% above the safe environment limit according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).
A link is provided to see an extraordinary short film presentation. If nothing else, watch it!  It's very clear and totally unarguable. It could or should be frighteningly so. I think that nothing I've researched makes the point more clearly about what is happening than this one visual example. You know the old saying "A picture says more than a thousand words." The credentials are impeccable and the evidence unarguable and yet if you send your children to the dentist tomorrow, this is STILL exactly what will be done to them.
The statements to follow are from John Himagain and the "International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology."
During my own work with other Cancer patients in the Cancer-vivor groups, the biggest problem in saving their lives was always the exact same thing - mercury poisoning!  “Surely if THAT was true our Government would do something about it?”  “Nobody would let that kind of thing happen to our children!”   “MY Doctor/Dentist is different! I TRUST him/her - they are the expert.” Expert in WHAT? Their report replies: They are only trained in being a commission sales agent for the Rockefeller conglomerate of Chemical corporations. There are three little facts that should help you reassess what you "think" you know: 
1. Are they protecting you? Their response: Well, Australia and New Zealand just signed a protocol with the Rockefeller Codex cabal to stop the sale of "anything" not produced by them, in the health industry. As of next year you can go to jail in Australia for simply recommending to a friend that they use Propolis on a cut, or wintergreen on a bruised shoulder.
It will be illegal - a jail sentence - to even make and give away Colloidal Silver.  Note: Colloidal Silver is the so-called “miracle” new ingredient in the soon-to-be-released “miracle” drug ($350 a shot!) as the only hope against the terrifying MRSA staph infections now loose from the hospitals.
NONE of the information you have heard “officially” about CS is true, says IAOMT. It is used entirely for both treatment and prophylactically in the NASA Space Missions. The most famous acute burns treatment facility in the world - Bethseda Naval Hospital - uses CS to both disinfect and heal those burns.  It is kept a secret - they call it Silverexine.
There is a DELIBERATE and official campaign to scare people from CS, using the laughable idea (to the knowledgeable) that ingesting it will cause Argyria. There is not a single known case of it from CS in the entire world. Not one!  The only way you can get Argyria is from poisonous by-products of Silver created artificially. Then the quantity ingested has to be enormous. But, what if people start using CS that they can even make at home for a few cents a pint and fix 99% of their problems? What happens then to all that lovely money that Doctors make for their rulers, the Rockefeller Pharmaceutical Cartel? - says IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology).
2. Dentist are using 10x the Mercury today than they were using just 10 years ago, says IAOMT. They further say there is utterly no reason for them to be using Mercury at all. There are many safe alternatives today. Why does this horror continue? Would you STOP a business letting you charge $10,000 for putting a bit of wire on children's teeth? Or ENSURING that over the life of that child it was worth $30,000 to you?  None of the information about Mercury is anecdotal.  It is detailed and scientific. 
3. 100% of all “approved” medications prescribed for the genus “heart conditions” place intolerable stress on the circulatory system they are supposed to be aiding! From their OWN support data, which Doctors never read, they rely on the wholesale sales reps of the Pharmaceutical companies, called “Medical Detailers”, for their further “training” -true!  74% of all approved prescribed drugs today will impair brain functions! Diabetes is described as a “disease” officially. It is the result of crystalline sugar ingestion. It is an “intoxication” a poisoning from a known cause.  Its original name was “Sugar Diabetes” - removed from all modern dictionaries - and now claimed to be an inherited genetic disorder.
Most of you already know about their following statement: As of today in the USA (and the world once CODEX is fully implemented), it will not be possible to sue McDonalds for any health-related concern. (This was right after a documentary which enjoyed extraordinary attention by people worldwide was released, called “Supersize Me” in which the producer decided to test modern foods.  He ate exclusively from McDonalds for just 30 days, 3x per day under controlled medical supervision. The medical doctors called it off when his condition deteriorated alarmingly.)
Needless to say, it will also not be possible to sue a Doctor who “FOLLOWS WHAT THE PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY TELLS HIM TO DO.” He will be even more on his own than today - if he questions why his patients never get better.  Sorry to bring in all into such bright focus! What you do with this information is all up to you, says IAOMT.
For further information on mercury and a more inclusive list from the FDA than what we provided in our Winter 2003 Newsletter, follow this link:  Click here for more information about mercury being used more and more on you and your children:
I am very happy to pass on all of our detailed research and sources of the last 20 years, if you wish.  But, the truth is that it is all information you don't really want to hear. I certainly didn't! It was only having Cancer and a death sentence that started me off on this long road. It's all scary! It does change your whole life -  for many you'll give up the so-called “good things” for truly healthy things.  No booze, no cakes, no meat, no microwaves, especially the cost of fixing the damage already done - the removal of amalgams, removal of root canals, eating sound organic food, and hardest of all, exercise (If you're as sick as most people). Once you get sick enough and in enough pain, it is amazing what we can and will do! With great love and respect, John Himagain
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