Millions of people, regardless of what their perspective of current and recent events (post 911), are increasingly showing signs of chronic stress and/or depression. Many are not spending time for relaxation, not enjoying blessings, and not involved in activities with other people as usual.  This increases our stress level which sometimes creeps up slowly, unrecognized by most.
The simple answer is to get back to the things that make life enjoyable and not let concerns become worries and fear.  God has repeatedly illustrated for us that there is no cause for worry or fear. Accordingly, worry and fear become an expression of our lack of faith in God's plan for our lives, His promises, protection, and victory for His glory.
Aside from life-style changes, TKM® provides extraordinary applications that could have almost spontaneous results for depression and stress:
For these issues, the #13 sequence (Chapter 2 in the textbook) will always remain at the top of the list.
Even if you think you don't need it, try it on someone and have someone apply it for you.  Take about 45 minutes to an hour to apply it in a quiet environment. You'll see what I mean!  
For more joy, apply the #15 sequence (Chapter 2 in the textbook).
For the emotion of fear, apply R&R 4th Stratum (Chapter 8 in the textbook).
For too many worries or just a big worry, include the Stomach sequence (Chapter 9 in the textbook).
For anger, apply the Gallbladder sequence (Chapter 9 in the textbook).