PROCEDURE: Hold the entire left little finger of the person experiencing a heart attack with your left hand's fingers, and place your right hand finger pads on their T5 (5th thoracic vertebra).
If you don't know where T5 is, then place all finger pads of your right hand between the middle of the shoulder blades on the person's spine (aligned vertically).  You will be touching at least three or four vertebrae and one of them will be T5.  It should stop the heart attack within two to four minutes.  The person will usually start to feel relief upon contact.  
It sounds simple and possibly ridiculous, but do it and watch what happens.  What do you have to lose?  Anyone can do it!  We have reports of mentally challenged children stopping heart attacks with this procedure! Empirically, over the last 25 years this procedure has a 99 percent success rate. It does not address or resolve the cause, as it is only for the emergency episode.
I highly suggest practicing on people you know.  Strangers might find this a little odd at first - that is, unless they're having a heart attack!  Having this knowledge is vital to save the lives of those around you.
Eat a healthy diet regularly, not just once in a while.  Check with your local health professional for what is a healthy heart diet.  Aside from TKM®, we do provide nutritional and dietary counseling from licensed and experienced professionals.  For more information on diet, contact us.
Exercise is always important to maintain!  At minimal, walk daily.  Two to three times a week, walk at least one to three miles at a pace that increases your heart rate.  Swimming is excellent, if done regularly.  Free weights, weight machines, aerobics, racquetball, etc., are good as part of a designed regular program and not just on weekends. If this higher level of challenge to your body is not at least three times a week you could be doing more harm than good.  Knowledge, understanding, and wisdom in action is the best approach to all aspects of health.
I hope you embrace this concept!
It is highly beneficial to your heart to genuinely hug people on a regular basis.  People who do not touch others or like to be touched are more prone to heart disease and sometimes stiff joints.  Hugging others not only feels good but is very therapeutic to your cardiovascular system.  Not those short abrupt hugs, but genuine, caring hugs that are long enough to feel the tension quickly begin to melt away - which you probably thought you didn't have.  We need to bring proper touch back in high demand.  It melts away walls that close us in and others out, and brings out the best in people.  Take advantage of the many hugging opportunities over the holidays.  If you don't normally have the opportunities, go out and create them. Hug to give and not to receive and you will always be better for it.
To summarize briefly; eat less meat and more vegetables, be smokeless and replace alcohol with clean water, be less sedimentary and more physically active, think less negative thoughts and think more positively; help others, even when they can't do anything in return; conquer loneliness and make more acquaintances; be joyful, laugh, hug abundantly to carry you through each day with a renewed bliss. These are all great for the heart. A little different from the average Heart article, but more effective. Oh, don't forget to apply TKM®!
TKM® is a great preventative medicine for cardiovascular disease.  But, to those who are already suffering from some form of cardiovascular disease, TKM® is remarkably effective.  It often accomplishes recovery when medical science says it is impossible. Please do not under-estimate this simple although powerful and effective source of help. TKM® specializes in anything related to the fluid systems in the body, and blood is the most important fluid system aside from water.
If you are suffering from some form of cardiovascular disease, we advise attending one of our textbook classes and/or contact us for assistance. 1-800-640-7998