A Natural Tea To Fight Disease Causing Microbes And Other Foreign Invaders

Plus, powerful immune booster and cleanser for the blood, lymph and body.

Many have heard of the original Essiac Tea from Canada and all the facsimiles that have developed over the years plus the latest articles from studies on the Samento herb. But few have heard about the brush family plant that produces a tea that some Mexican Indians claim has amazing restorative properties? Further research is required, but I can confidently say that it has greatly surpassed all other teas and herbs I've seen in all my years as a Clinical Nutritionist for a multitude of health disorders.
My first exposure was from Cleo Carlisle in Big Spring, TX (An advisory board member of the King Institute, Inc.) who has a unique health food store on the main street in Big Spring.  If you are in that part of the state, I would check out all he has to offer. You'll find some rarities that probably won't be at many, if any, other health food stores.
One night, he and his wife Thelma invited us to dinner at their house and as a special treat we had some natural tea that she had made.  I drank a small glass of this chilled tea, which had a different but enjoyable flavor.  The next day, I noticed a little different color in my face.  The next day, I felt even better and attributed it to the clean air of west Texas, the higher elevation, the good healthy food and good company.
When I returned home, the improvement remained.  I had brought some of the tea back home and prepared it as directed and drank some each day.  I noticed that some dry skin that I had was completely gone and my color and blood circulation had dramatically improved.  I knew it had to be the tea that Cleo had told me about.
Before I finished that bottle, I talked several times to the man who discovered the tea and developed the product, Ron.  He had many amazing stories about the reversal of cancers, kidney disease, blood circulation problems,
bacterial and fungal infections and broken bones healing faster. Wow! No other single herb or tea I know of could possibly have these kind of results.
He went on to say that cases of impotence were reversed and prostate problems, including diabetes, were eliminated.  He said that this was nature's gift to better health and that the tea has helped the body heal from many problems.  He explained that his son has drank the tea for years and was never burdened with even cold or flu symptoms. He highly recommended it as a preventative medicine.   
He first found out about it in a small town in Mexico in 1989. He'd never been in the area before and, being fluent in Spanish, decided to join in the conversation of a group of men talking in the town center. They had a wonderful talk about the animals native to the area and the long history of their town. They even told him about some secret fishing spots.
As they talked, he noticed that everyone of the men in the town were chain cigarette smokers.  In fact, almost everyone he met in the town smoked.  He asked if there was a large number of town folk who died of cancer each year.  They didn't answer.  He repeated the question, which again met with a long and uncomfortable pause.  Then one of them asked, “Why should anyone die from lung cancer?”  That got Ron’s attention.
The men told him very little about how their ancestors had taught them how to harvest a bush that grew around their village.  The tea brewed from bush, they said, would stop the effects of cancer on the human body.  When Ron asked them to show him the bush, they refused.  They said the bush had been harvested to near extinction and were admonished by three ancestors to tell only family members about the bush.
This experience peaked his interest, so he continued asking people about the bush during his travels.  Many people in small towns of Mexico knew about the tea; all of them said it worked.  But no one provided enough information for him to feel confident in beginning a search for the bush.
Years passed and finally in 1994, his curiosity was put to rest until a longtime family friend related this story to him.  The brother of the friend was diagnosed by biopsy with prostate cancer.  Doctors suggested that he have it removed surgically.  He was talking to his neighbor, a Mexican national, about his upcoming surgery.  His neighbor asked him why he should have his prostate removed, when he could be cured by drinking a tea?  The neighbor took the man on a trip and showed him a bush.  He taught him how to harvest it and brew it into a tea.
The man with prostate cancer drank the tea for about six weeks before he went in for his final biopsy.  The day after the biopsy, he received a phone call from the doctor telling him that he needed to return to the hospital for more tests, saying there was a mistake in the previous test.  He returned and was given another biopsy.  The next call he received from his doctor was telling him that they were going to cancel the scheduled operation, which was about a week away, because they could find no trace of cancer at all.  
Ron’s friend, relieved from cancer, continues to drink the tea today as does several of his family and friends.  They all remain cancer free.  After finding out about the tea from his friend and drinking it himself, Ron had no more prostate pain himself, nor did he have to make frequent trips to the bathroom during the night anymore. Additionally, he had a large skin cancer on his nose that shrunk and eventually disappeared.  He also claimed that he felt an elevation of his overall energy.  Ron said he enthusiastically shared the tea with relatives and friends.  He reported that he has only heard positive stories and that the tea really works!  How do you know if it really works?  The only way you will really know if it works is to try it, right?  

 Let's talk about herbs for a moment
 Herb's, Man's First Medicine
Herbs have been used as healing agents since the beginning by every race on the earth.  I have had many herbal mud's, or the bark, leaves, seeds, roots, etc. that get cooked down to a Chinese muddy tea that would gag most people, but Rhus Tea is very different.
Most of our modern wonder drugs were first discovered in the leaves or inner bark of plants and trees.  After the healing compounds were isolated, they were synthesized and are now produced in chemical laboratories.        Unfortunately, these man-made synthetics called medicine usually have side effects and sometimes serious or deadly effects.  Experts in herbal medicine believe that the secrets to preventing  and curing disease lie in the plant world.  Teams of scientists from around the world are searching the jungles and forests throughout the world in search of plants that may hold the secrets to preventing and curing our most deadly diseases.
Praise God we've found a creation of His that can help so many illnesses NOW!  This man has called his production “Bush of Life” and has agreed to supply us with as much as we need, bottled specially for the King Institute, LLC.  We now offer it to you!
Other problems resolved by this tea is chronic back pain, vision improved, urination problems, infections, bone cancer, internal bleeding, diabetes, Crohn’s disease, bladder problems, tinnitus, colon cancer, and much more.     I believe this tea successfully addresses the bacterial infections that are linked to causing problems such as Multiple Sclerosis, Bi-Polar disorder, Lyme’s disease, arthritis, joint pain, neurological pain, migraines, seizures, and more.
Perhaps this Rhus Tea could be an answer for many common and uncommon maladies.
And there are no noted side effects!
There is some differences noticed upon taking regular doses of Rhus Tea.  Discolored urine and different odors for some people are common and expected while detoxifying the body.  But the most amazing effect happens in cancer cases.  Some patients have usually been relieved in weeks or a few months, and remained cancer free.
Something like this is priceless if you have serious ailments. With the help of Ron, who has been cultivating a crop for several years now, we're able to keep you supplied with Rhus Tea at a low cost.  We’re offering 3 bottles (1 cup ea.) for $87.95 or $34.95 ea.(price subject to change) One bottle last about a month.

Bring water (non-chlorinated, spring water or Fiji water is best) to a boil, then remove from heat and add the Rhus tea (appropriate amounts per water ratio on container) and let steep for 10 to 12 hours.  Do not allow aluminum to contaminate water.  Use glass or stainless steel.  After steeping, strain and drink 8oz. to 24 oz. (about 1-3 glasses) daily.  For serious conditions, more tea can be consumed daily.  Some prefer to refrigerate.
If you’re not going to drink the entire brewed tea container within a week, I would refrigerate it.  
Note: The container indicates 1/8 of a cup for 1 gallon of water.  I suggest using a gallon glass jar and add 2 rounded or heaping tablespoons per gallon of water. The tea has a mild and pleasant taste and can be drank at any time: with meals, between meals or any time you wish.  It has no known interference with medications or supplements. 

We're going to continue to conduct our own empirical studies and would like your feedback.  We ask that you would journal from the start and provide us monthly, weekly, or even daily updates.
This is very exciting for some complex projects we're working with currently, and we hope it will provide new discoveries for you soon.  The Tea is available on-line now, or you may order by phone at: 214-731-9795.
Warning: We've noticed that in very severe cases of Borrelia bacterial infestations related to the nervous system, and a few other severe conditions, that smaller daily doses are required and gradually increased over several weeks.  For small children and severe cases that may have a neurological reaction, we suggest starting with 6 oz. per day.  Two cases were started at 1 to 3 oz. per day.
If there are any reactions that develop on the first or second dose - stop the tea and contact us right away for proper dosage for your condition.  If you feel that you prefer to be more cautious, you can start with one 12 oz. glass a day and add a glass each 7 days to reach 3 glasses per day.  For some severe cancer cases we suggest reaching larger daily doses.  99% of the people have no negative symptom reactions, but I wanted you to be aware of the rare cases.

 Rhus Tea is bottled by
Ron for distribution by King Institute, LLC
$34.95 ea. or 3 for $87.95 (Save $15) (prices subject to change without prior notice)
Call 214-731-9795 to Order
or Click here to order online

"Although I started the Rhus Tea for something else, my digestion system is working better!"
- Ronda
"The same day I started drinking the Rhus Tea, I started experiencing yeast die-off. I've had a great overgrowth 'project' for several years and so I'm very, very pleased to find this helping so fast!"
- Mary
"I noticed that the blood circulation in my legs has improved and my body temperature is more regulated."
- Houng
I've had trouble with persistent skin cancer for years. I've tried the Essiac Tea and many alternatives over the years, after the different medical methods didn't work for me. And although I had some improvements for a short time, it always came back and would literally bleed. It never went away. So, I tried the Rhus Tea and after about 3 weeks - NO skin cancer. It really was gone. I couldn't believe it. I kept thinking it might come back, that it was only improved. So, after drinking it for a couple of more weeks, I stopped drinking the tea to see what would happen. It hasn't come back at all. The skin at that location was terrible for years and many times was raw and bleeding, but it is completely normal now. I drink the tea now for other benefits and prevention. Thank you!
- Tom
I'm going through menopause and the tea seems to be helping the hot flashes. It must be helping balance my hormones!
- Linda
I do seem to be detoxifying a lot and need to drink a lot of water to keep toxins flushed out, since I've started drinking the Rhus tea And, everyone in my household came down with terrible colds that last forever and had real bad cases of flu, but me!
- Becky
I have slight insomnia. I wake several times during the night and usually need to urinate. Since I started the Rhus tea sometimes I don't need to urinate all night and I sleep more sound.
- Wanda
I've had emphysema and very little function in both lungs. Since drinking the tea (2 months) I've improved. After one month my doctor said I had 25% improvement in both lungs. I went back after the second month of drinking the Rhus Tea and the doctor said I had another 15% improvement. I feel much better and I'm very excited about further recovery.
- Allan
I know you said the tea would help my crohn's disease, but after drinking it for almost two months, as directed, I have no more symptoms at all. Could the crohn's really be gone?
- Karen
This tea is great! My doctors told me I had only 4% function in my left kidney and 40% in the right kidney. I started drinking this twiggy tea and after my check-up a month later, it showed that the left kidney was functioning at 40% and the right one was up to 65%. I kept drinking the tea the same way for another month and the doctor reported that both kidneys were functioning at 90%. This was all in just two months time. I'll keep drinking the tea and let you know what he says next time.
- Anthony

 There are great results related to drinking this Rhus Tea.
We hope this simple tea made from God's creation will also help you and others.
We invite you to share your amazing stories with us!
Note: For neurological disorders we strongly urge to consult with our office for proper protocol.
Some recent reports are continued below.
(Due to many requests for a hard copy of this article, we invite you to print out this article and pass it on.)