In a recent report from the American Medical Association, over 70 million people suffer from Sleep Disorders!
I believe that number is low, because in my experience many cases go unreported. According to the last census in 2000, there are 281 million people in the U.S. and at least one quarter of them suffer from some form of Sleep Disorder. Improper sleep plagues our health and causes multiple problems for the body.  This sleep depravity results in emotional stress and lowered mental abilities. This includes the immune system, CNS, adrenals and other vital biosystems, hindering our quality of life resulting in depression, irritability, and consistent fatigue.  
What do we do?
Well, taking drugs is not the answer.  Ignoring it and hoping it will change will not solve the problem either.
There are natural sources to aid sleep.  Though less problematic than sedating medications, not all natural aids are recommended, because they can present their own problems.  Some professionals recommend Valerian root before bed, but it has a lingering affect of a natural sedative affecting the nervous system.
A mild relaxant known to many over generations is chamomile tea or capsules. The tea is preferred because of the warmth for the digestion and assimilation of the gentle herb.  The digestive system plays a large role in sleep ability and sleep states experienced.  Most people have experienced indigestion from eating late, eating hard-to-digest-food late, overeating, all causing sleep difficulties to some level.  Eating too much fried food can cause proper sleep interruption.  What, how, and when we eat is some of the top common impairments of sleep.  
The other most common impairment is energy interference, or how EMF’s (Electromagnetic fields) are affecting our environment and health!
Things such as electrical devices beside our beds (on or off), bedding, bed, bed material, clothing, light in the room, sound, and other factors such as parasitic infestation, unknown to most who have it. Parasitic infestation can be recognized sometimes by how you react to the full moon.  If you feel more restless, mildly anxious, experience insomnia or a change in dreams during each full moon, then you likely have parasitic infestation, which can be resolved if properly addressed.  Metal fillings (mercury) in the teeth greatly impair the ability to rid your body of bacteria and fungus. It's best to replace them before beginning any parasite cleanse.
Some of these recent discoveries are briefly explained and demonstrated in our textbook level classes while others involve too much time to cover in class.
If you suffer from a sleep disorder, we suggest the following: stop eating fried food, processed sugars (at anytime) and any sugar source within a few hours of bedtime.  If possible, regulate the time you go to bed so the mind and body can adjust and expect to sleep at that regular time verses being confused as to what is the proper time for sleep.  Do not play the television or the radio while trying to sleep. Turn out the lights! Darkness is not only better for going to sleep, but is vital for proper deep sleep and melatonin release. Deep sleep is where your body rejuvenates the most.  Taking supplemental melatonin will not accomplish the same thing.  In fact, it inhibits the body's release of natural melatonin.  If you stop taking melatonin, it takes about two-weeks to begin naturally releasing the hormone again, under the right conditions.  Just as stated in the section for heart disease, exercise is very important for proper rest, but not right before bedtime.
Bedding should be 100 percent natural fabric. Cotton works best, but must be 100 percent and not blended with any other fabric.  This includes sheets, bed covers that you sleep under, and pillow cases.  The fabric that covers the bed is more difficult, so you could place two 100 percent cotton sheets under you to help dilute the negative effect. What you wear in bed is very important. It should be 100 percent natural, no blends!  It can be 100 percent cotton, silk, or wool.
Nothing plugged into the electrical outlet should be next to the bed, even if turned off, because the EMF interference is still in the cord.
Some basics in preparation for sleep.  It is important not to have just turned off the TV, computer, or other man-made EMF devices. Have a minimum of thirty minutes to an hour afterwards - before bed.   Reading is good for most people as long as it is not stimulating, but relaxing. Reading God's word, even briefly, is at the top of the list.  Mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for rest and sleep.  Just before bed and after going to bed is not the time to recount your day or contemplate on tomorrow.  Each day has worries of its own!
Forgiveness is a huge issue for sleep disruptions! Forgive all those whom you have an unresolved issues - it may be the one laying next to you. Also, ask forgiveness for yourself.  I'm sure if you check, there will be something you and the Lord know about that needs forgiveness.  Next, contemplate very briefly on something you are blessed joyfully by - everyone has something!  Then say goodnight, not only to your spouse and God, but to yourself and turn off the brain and sleep.  If you awake later, be ok with it and focus effortlessly on sleep again.
Other tips are to not drink or eat anything cold for at least three to four hours before bed. Aside from Chamomile tea, you can take two or three drops of Chamomile essential oil orally and wash it down with a little room-temperature or warm water. For an especially disturbing night, you could take up to six to seven drops just before bed, but not on a regular basis.  I recommend either Young Living or Nature's Sunshine for this purpose.
For a digestive problem at bedtime, take one to three drops of peppermint oil and chase down with water.  Lotus leaf or Lotus flower tea is not easy to find, but helps to relax the body and aids sleep.
If you really need to change your bed to something more comfortable and healthier, the "Sleep By Number" (Select Comfort) bed is highly recommended! It is air adjustable with no metal.  You will still need to cover it with two cotton sheets or purchase a pillow top bedcover of 100 percent Down (filled) with 100 percent cotton lining.  I really think you'll float to sleep at that point!
As for TKM®, the Spleen sequence works best for most people, especially remaining on the first step for a long period (10 to 20 minutes or until asleep). The Median sequence is also great, again especially the first step. Other sequences to help insomnia are the Stomach sequence, #14 sequence, and #9 sequence.  Quick steps, or one step TKM® procedures are: hold one or both energy spheres #18, hold both #14's comfortably.  Some find that holding center of the #13's (Median level) with all fingers of both hands is good for the emotional issues that keep them awake.  The #14 sequence and the #9 sequence also help you remain asleep once going to sleep. They also help resolve any nightmare or bad dream issues, especially reoccurring disturbing dreams.
Say good-bye to those sleepless nights!