We frequently hear reports from people utilizing the Median sequence (mostly, on a regular basis) and sharing their results.  These results range from feeling more relaxed to sensing a state of bliss or euphoria, while others can't seem to stay awake enough to complete the sequence.
Some report relief from fatigue, headaches, back and/or neck pain, increased circulation, better digestion, vitality, and increased mental abilities.  Others say that they don't really feel anything during the sequence, but over a brief period time, they have noted feeling much happier, healthier, enjoying increased stamina, memory, and having no general fatigue or depression.
Those that know how to feel for TKM® pulses report that the pulses during a sequence balance more easily all throughout.  And as they apply the Median sequence over days or weeks, the pulses seem to respond much more efficiently. 
Yes, there have been many people that rejoice over physical ailments that fade away or simply vanish during a sequence.  Some include severe hip pain, misaligned vertebrae, and sinus congestion vanishing.  There have been improvements in hearing, teeth and gums are healthier, thyroid, thymus and lymphatic systems enhanced, gland edema and functions corrected, hormones balanced, menstrual harmony, and the list goes on.
The Median sequence is very essential to our health in more ways than we could number.  It is also accumulative! It affects every function in the body and is the source for all other energy circulation in the body. 
The greatest aspect of what is available to us from applying the Median sequence is that we can help ourselves.  It is easy to apply on yourself, and is a fairly brief and very simple application to understand and administer daily.  The key word here is daily, and preferably twice a day.
I know also from many reports of the resounding words of "too busy."  Well, everybody is busy - and that will not change.  It is really a matter of how important your health is.  How much of a priority is your own health?  We know it is your life, lifestyle and future - hopefully!
Most everyone is familiar with many people who suddenly receive a diagnosis of a serious advanced illness that soon takes their life, or those who think their health is sufficient and they're gone the next day - not from an accident!   So, it really is a choice!
Most everything we do is a choice. Let's make a very beneficial healthy choice that will affect our total life, and let's make room in our schedule for the Median sequence. You'll find that you can accomplish more, feel better about it, be more organized (because of increased mental functions), and have less stress, tension, and down-time per year due to illness and fatigue.  Best of all, you develop more patience, which we all need. You'll have a more joyful life and less daily obstacles between you and our Lord.
If these are not enough reasons, how about a longer life with less chances of a long suffering death?  Different people are motivated differently.  My hope is that you will make just a little room in your life each day for something very simple, easy, and very, very rewarding.  The best way to accomplish this is to schedule it into your life - like everything that is a regular part of your daily routine.  Except this one will be more rewarding, excluding your time with our Lord.
Well, did I make the point?  Did you get the message?  Will you do it for yourself?  Will you tell others how important it is for their life?  The fruit of helping others is immeasurable!  Please experience how it feels to be a part of lives being changed through a simple and easy healthy habit.
As a Minister, the salvation and spiritual well-being of God's people is priority, and their well-being physically, mentally and emotionally is very important.  Let us be good stewards of the house (temple) we've been given by our Father in heaven.   I was refreshed by a Word from the Lord this morning during prayer.  He clearly gave Ephesians 1:2, Mark 16:15, and Mark 16:17-20.
You can find the Median sequence on our web site at:
Please let us hear from you and how the Median sequence and TKM in-general has affected your life.
God bless you with Peace and Grace and every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places, in Christ Jesus!