Ask Your Feet!
Depending on where you live, it may be months before your feet really see the light of day. As alternative medicine guru Dr. Jonathan Wright says, while bears may be fit to hibernate through winter and emerge as healthy as they were when they went into the cave, your feet don't do so well when neglected during the long, harsh season.
Fungus is one of the main problems facing feet in the winter. The longer time spent sweating in socks and boots creates the perfect breeding ground for fungus. Once fungus takes hold, it can be months, even years, before you'll be rid of it for good, unless you take appropriate action quickly.     
First, let's look at some ways to keep your feet healthier. Wearing only cotton socks is not only good for your bio-energy, but it will help to absorb the additional perspiration your foot produces when confined for longer periods of time.
At least once a week, soak your feet, pumice them gently, moisturize naturally, and dry completely. This will keep dead skin removed, calluses down, revive circulation, and allow your feet to be cleaned more deeply. If you keep these cleaning and moisturizing habits up all year long, it will make sandal season less of a shock.
If you find yourself with a fungal infection on your feet or nails, never despair. It usually takes some time and patience, but you can absolutely get rid of it — naturally.
Apply the following TKM® applications: #23, 25 and #5,6,7,8 Sequences.
If it is persistent, include Spleen, #13 and Opposite fingers and toes (OFT) applications.
If you don't mind an extra odor and you like essential oils, you could include other effective  agents like oregano oil. If you find it too strong, you can dilute it with some olive oil to reduce its potency. Tea tree oil is also very effective. I would apply them once or a maximum of twice a day after cleaning and drying the feet.
Remember that fungus can be more than just an unsightly problem. If it gets out of hand, there is a chance that your toenails will need to be removed completely.  It can also get into your blood system and throughout your body.     
Your feet may be out of sight, but don't let them be out of mind!
You could use these sequences and oils occasionally whether you have fungus or not to keep your feet healthy and feeling great. They'll love you for it when summer comes.