Allergies are energetic issues as seen by leading physicist Cyril W. Smith in England, a leading authority on how natural and man-made electromagnetic frequencies affect living systems, namely us!  The increase in allergies has correlated to the rapid increase of man-made EMF's (electromagnetic frequencies, Smith, Tesla, and Einstein).  The coherence of human bio electromagnetic energy is disrupted by certain EMF's, e.g. life is destroyed by oscillatory disequilibrium (Lakhovsky).  Simply, progress is progressively killing us!
What can we do? Individually, we can be better stewards of our lives and minimize exposure to man-made EMF's and maximize re-establishing coherence or homeostasis (balanced energy).  The direct TKM® applications in the textbook to help address this issue, concerning allergies, is as follows:
Apply the combination sequence #20, 21, 22 in chapter four of the textbook.  Sequences to include are:
#22 sequence (Chapter 2)
Median sequence can be found on this site by going to the site map and scrolling down to Median sequence.
In some cases, Gallbladder sequence is also very effective (Chapter 9).
Note: An essential oil known to be temporarily helpful in severe reactions is Chamomile.