Dieting has been a multi-billion dollar business for decades. Save yourself some money and use some basic understandings of how the body functions to lose weight in a healthy way.
As a quick tip for healthy diet, healthy recovery, and for proper dietary detoxification, there is a simple protocol to follow according to the body's design. Depending on health conditions, there are a few exceptions to the following.
General guidelines for a healthy diet and weight loss:
  • Don't eat fried food!
  • No Dairy products!
  • No processed sugars!
  • No carbonated drinks!
  • No cold food, no cold beverages, no iced drinks!
  • Don't eat within  3 - 4 hours of bedtime!
Most of you know about the list above, although you may not do them. The list below, although simple is very effective:
  • Do not drink water when you eat food!
  • If you feel you must, then only 2-4 ounces at most of a healthy beverage, NOT COLD!
  • Drink plenty of clean water throughout each the day away from food. Preferably 3-4 quarts or more on average.
  • ONLY eat within an 8 hour period daily, with exception to water!
  • Try to regulate the same eight hour period each day!
It is easy to do, if you regulate and dedicate!
Last, drink a FULL glass of room temperature clean water 15 - 20 minutes before each meal. Your body mostly needs hydro-energy! Not to take up space in your stomach, but to supply your body with what it really needs. Then you will not eat as much because your body will have its energy supply.
Do this for three months and watch how healthy and good you feel and how much excess weight you will lose.
It is called using biological and dietary common sense!
Happy Eating!
Image source: Wikimedia Commons