Many patients with Lyme Disease have given excellent reports from applying TKM® thus far.  I wanted to share with you the TKM® recipe that has shown to be highly effective with our Lyme disease clients in the past.
It works best if the following applications are applied twice daily consistently (all found in the textbook, except the Median Plumb-line, which can be found on this site, see site map).
#3 sequence / #15 sequence (#15 is a prerequisite to the #3 sequence each time applied) / #23, 25 combination sequence / #13 sequence / Spleen sequence / a plumb-line of the Median sequence. 
If you know about checking TKM® pulses, always balance the pulses after these applications. If you do not know pulses the Level 1 & 2 live class or DVDs will teach you.
This protocol should continue for 3 weeks for mild cases, then once daily for 30 days.  For chronic to severe cases, the above protocol should continue for 30 days, then once daily for 60 days or until all symptoms are eliminated.  Timing for individual cases can vary.