We've been investigating this remarkable discovery for several months and seem to have found a vital aid to our health which has no apparent side effects, with the exception of a couple that previously had allergies to the sumac plant family.
As you know, over the years we haven't promoted any products, but this is a little known secret for extraordinary and rapid results in helping numerous ailments.  One of the most amazing differences seen from drinking this tea is the effect on different cancers, kidney disease, detoxifying, blood circulation, immune simulator, digestive conditions, skin repair, impotence, prostate problems, diabetes, Crohn's disease, colon problems, etc.  The list seems to grow the more we work with it.
We've decided to make this amazing Rhus Tea available to you and the public, and the manufacturer is bottling it for us.  Available to order on our web site.  It's called "Rhus Tea" and is brewed similar to the original Essiac tea from Canada.