Items in this category can be donated, volunteered, or financial funds provided to acquire all of or a percentage of an item(s).
  • Funds for or gifting of property, plus a building suited for our research, therapy and training.
  • Funds to support research and outreach programs and operations and equipment cost.
  • Volunteers to help with fundraising and promoting lectures, seminars and workshops to convey the latest knowledge available.
  • Computer program design professional / graphic artist to create animated graphic images for education purposes.
  • Computer program designer for designing software specific to our needs, plus for nutritional and frequency testing.
  • IT maintenance
  • Audio/Video equipment and personnel needed for educational purposes.
Research / Therapy
  • Volunteer(s) to translate TKM® Book(s) into additional languages.
  • Dedicated students of TKM® to participate in the internship program and assist with education and research programs in the U.S. and internationally. 
  • Participants in the Institute's Internship Program may also attend to ailing individuals under the supervision of a qualified therapist.
  • Experienced editors and writers for public and professional literature / books
  • People are needed who are interested in learning TKM® and to help organize training seminars/workshops nationally and internationally. This includes the growing need for readiness and preparedness education.