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KIMA 500


Whether You're New or Renewing Your Support For:


KIMA 500

Help us unlock the God-given gift of healing and restoration around the world!
The King Institute is a Christian Health Resource that operates and funds its outreach
programs with the generous financial support of people like you!

Those who engage in supporting the Institute financially on a basis
of $20 (US) a month or more become members of KIMA 500 (King Institute Method Association 500).

For more information, please call 214-731-9795 or go to:
Thank you for your generosity and God bless you!

Don't delay, your support is needed to reach our goal of 500 monthly supporters to help cover the basic overhead in accomplishing the current demand for help for those who are suffering.

Not a member yet? Becoming a member is easy (remember, membership is all about supporting the institute to help as many as possible).

The base membership is $20.00 monthly. 

Please include your phone number when filling out the Pay Pal form, under "Note." Or go to: Invest and Support

(King Institute is not a non-profit organization)