Note: Certification to teach TKM® is only accomplished through the King Institute, LLC. All TKM® classes are conducted for and through the Institute. Prerequisite information concerning qualification and certification for teaching TKM® for the Institute is listed below.
Note: All approved Instructors start at the EMT level and work up one level at a time with a two year minimum of meeting all annual requirements for each level.

  • Successful completion of three TKM® EMT classes. One class must be taught by Dr. King. The other classes, if not from Dr. King, must be from a certified TKM® EMT Instructor of the Institute with attendance verified.
  • Successful completion of one Introductory Level 1 and one Introductory Level 2 class (verified).
  • Attend the EMT Certification to Teach class, only provided by King Institute, upon approval from the Director.
  • Take the EMT examination with a passing score of 95 or higher.
King Institute reserves the right to refuse qualification for teaching. Certification is renewed every year. Regulations to maintain and renew certification are detailed in the EMT teaching certification class.  Failure to follow regulations will result in immediate revocation of certification that cannot be renewed.  Any violations of the rights of all TKM® materials held by King Institute warrant severe civil and possibly criminal penalties.  This class is for qualified students interested in teaching the Emergency Integrative Medicine Techniques (EMT) class for the Institute.
Candidates for EMT teaching will be taught how to conduct an EMT class.  It is not necessary to understand all of TKM® to share experiences and the information in the manual.  Qualified instructors are needed to share this vital information with people across the globe.
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Training includes certification for teaching TKM® Introduction and EMT class in assigned region, plus nationally and internationally upon approval of each class.
Once qualified, inquire for fee.