A lady came for help concerning infertility issues. She received her first TKM® session on April 12, then began a normal menstrual cycle on April 15 after being irregular for years. Follow up sessions occurred on April 23, June 7 and June 9. She was scheduled for another session on June 23, but cancelled since she found out she was pregnant!

Her daughter was born on Jan. 7, 2005. They are celebrating her 15th birthday tomorrow. The full story on this case was reported in issue 3 of the KIMA® Journal under the testimonies section.  As you can see her sessions were not frequent or even close together, but very effective.




Praise God!!
I have been working with a man since July who was diagnosed with neuro-endocrine prostate cancer.  His PSA was over 1200.  He is 6'3" and weighs 275 and had a volley ball sized tumor in his groin area that was closing off his  ureters and causing problems with the kidneys.  The urologist inserted  stints in his ureters to keep them open and the oncologists told him the  cancer was inoperable and all they could do was give him a lupron shot  to shrink the tumor maybe 10%.They sent him home to die.  We began a  cleansing program and I trained his wife to do TKM® on him.   I worked on  him a total of three times since July.  She was very diligent and after  eight weeks a scan showed the tumor had shrunk by 50%. His PSA was  1.2. The doctors were dumbfounded.  His wife took the TKM® Levels 1 and 2 class here in Sebring  in September.  He had to have nephrostomy tubes put into the kidneys in  October due to recurring infections.  His creatine levels reached 9.  After the tubes were put in his wife continued her daily TKM®.  Just before  Christmas, to the urologist's surprise, his creatine levels were down to  1.4.  The best they had been told to expect was 4.0.  They also checked  his PSA at that time and it was .1.  They removed the nephrostomy  tubes.

I just got a call from his wife reporting that they had just  gotten a report from an MRI done today.  There is no sign of the  cancer. I repeat, no sign of any tumor or cancer.  There is much joy in Sebring tonight.  Let none of us doubt what God can  do when we are diligent to do our part.  This couple has lived a  miracle.

Jim Robertson, N.D.



Alissa is in Arizona helping do TKM® on her 81 year old grandpa.  Here's a message she just sent.  She is also doing other sequences to help him with his various medical problems like heart, bladder and blood infections, fatigue.She just wrote and said, "Last night I palmed Grandpa's calves for a whole hour. Today he told us that he didn't take any pain or sleeping pills. Grandma thinks TKM® is really working and wonderful."




Dear Dr. King,

While in Alaska I worked on a sister who is fighting bone cancer.  She came back there to spend her "last" days as she used to live in that community and wanted the support that comes from the family there.  Anyway, on my last day there Anne and I worked on her for an hour.  She also had a blockage in her large intestine--labeled, of course by her doctors.

The pulses showed large intestine (5th stratum interferring with all stratums) and some other directions.  I applied the R&R 5-4-3-2-1 and Anne applied Lg. Intestine sequence and something else.    Immediately when either of us barely touched the #13's she would start weeping.  A good thing!  Lots of emotional trauma over the years.  I left for home and this is the e-mail I received today.

"Hello Pam, 
I went over and gave her the information on the TKM® lifesaving finger holds and self-helps that pertained to her need. The next day I was able to work on her. I Did the 3rd MOC.  She is doing her own homework.  An announcement was made that she is doing better. Her bowels are moving better, her down time isn't as bad and her pain isn't as bad.  Bless God!  I know you would want to know.  God is good.  I just want to keep you current."



My nephew flew from Alaska and spent a week with The King Institute receiving treatments 2x daily for a bulging disc in the sacral/lumbar area. He was in terrible pain, but he got immediate relief after TKM®.

There was instruction for his wife to treat him daily while here and at home. He was pain free after the first TKM® treatment, and he is still pain free today only a month later and is no longer even remotely thinking that surgery would solve his problem, as was suggested.

Dr. King gave homework, and he has been faithful to do it as well as change some habit patterns (like throwing 1000's of bales of hay yearly totally using right side muscles, needing to switch to left side so the spinal muscles remember to work on that side).  

God gets the credit for leading him to TKM® and The King Institute.  Some of the sequences I remember were ABO, 3rd MOC, Spleen, #13 and I can't remember what else.  Of course, the Median he does on himself. They are true believers in TKM®.  Now their children want Mom to do TKM® when they hurt anywhere!  I spoke to him today and he is obviously very, very pleased with the results.




In December I started working on a 14 year old boy that has Scoliosis.   Usually once a week or less.  His spine looks like a road sign for "sharp curves ahead".   Parents were concerned this morning, because the doctors were to check him again and if the curvature had increased, the plan was to schedule surgery and insert  rods.

He called me this afternoon and was excited... the doctors said the curvature had DECREASED by 2 percent.  That may not seem like much, but was very convincing to him that TKM® is working.  He had a big sigh of relief that the surgery was put on hold.  Perhaps now both parents will get more involved and help work on the boy.  Just thought I would share a little success with all of you.


Great news!  I pray that the father will continue to let you work on him.  I worked on a scoliosis case with TKM® and have had good success.  The client is a 26 year old woman whose left shoulder was 2" higher than her right when standing straight.  It straightened completely on the first visit, but some of the curvature came back by her second visit.  She lives an hour away and has not been able to be consistent.  I have worked on her a total of 5 times and she now has less than 1" difference in the shoulders."

Dr. Robertson



Hello all,

I wanted to submit an encouraging report of success treating my high school son's allergies with TKM®.  Allergies have been a major issue with my son for his whole life, from ezcema, sinus symptoms, frequent illness, asthma, swollen abdomen and diarrhea to inability to focus on his studies and emotional outbursts at school which prompted administrative action.  We've tried special supplements and diet, air purification, prescription meds, homeopathics, and immunization shots, before we discovered TKM®.  His condition would improve somewhat with everything we tried, only to worsen again.

About four months ago, we were reaching an impasse where he would drag himself home from school and spend two hours playing computer games before he could force himself to face his homework, though he is a very smart and conscientious guy.  Being unable to focus on his homework even then, he would often be close to tears and stay up late at night to finally finish as much as he could and be exhausted the next day.  He would fall asleep after lunch sometimes and really have to restrain himself from lashing out at other people.

When I finally talked him into letting me apply a TKM® treatment on him using one of his precious homework hours, he noticed a difference right away and was able to get more done with the remaining time than he had before.  I've been applying TKM® 2-4 times per week, and he does little TKM®, if any,  on himself.  I mostly apply #22,  #20,21,22,  #12,11,4,3, and R&R 3rd & 4th, along with other sequences from time to time.

Now he's a much happier guy and is able to focus very well on his studies with no more problem settling down to his homework.  He says he doesn't get tired at school at all, and his teachers and fellow classmates have been commending him on his work.

Thank the Lord for TKM!




I have to share with you my evaluation with a client's youngest daughter.  She just turned age 4 at the end of December.  The three of us were in the hallway talking, and the mother was sharing how her daughter had "taken a little spill" that morning, but she knew exactly what to do.  At that moment, as the daughter was listening in, she immediately put her hands into the stop bleeding position on her knee.  It was SO cute!

We were just laughing so hard.  Later, I wanted to really see if she knew the "stuff".  I said to the daughter, what do you do if you get an ouchie on you leg?"  She immediately did the cross over, stop bleeding hands to her leg.  I asked her what else she can do with TKM®.   She laid down on her back and started the first step of the Median Sequence.  Then she sat up and said, "Oh, we also do palming the calves."

Dr. King, you have a star for your next video.



I have a cotton sheet testimony! For years I have gone to bed and within 15 minutes my legs would start twitching.  My mom has always had restless leg syndrome so I didn't think to much about it.  Sometimes I could go to sleep and sometimes I would move to the coach and wonder why I could go right to sleep there.

After the TKM® training in Seattle, sometimes it takes several times to really hear something, I decided to buy some cotton sheets which were some jersey knit that I love.  The night before I put the cotton sheets on, I had a terrible time with my legs, but have not had that problem since I've gone to 100% cotton.  

A response:What on earth have you all been sleeping on if it wasn't cotton?  I'm 52 years old...and I've never had any sheets that were not made of cotton...

Response 1:The one big change we made with our son, age 23 with Down Syndrome, was recently to buy him an all wood futon with just a few screws in the corners and a cotton/foam mattress.  He slept through the night last night for the first time I can ever remember.  Before that he was on a metal futon frame, with an innerspring mattress.

Response 2: Most Sheets and bedding are either polyester or a polyester blend.  The average is a 50/50 blend.  This goes for pillows, blankets, comforters, etc.   Even when they say cotton - Read the details on the tag.  Also, anything that says "wrinkle free" is NEVER all cotton.  Note that blends have the same effect as all synthetics - It is BAD on your health - with all people!  It is also Biblical that we should not wear blends and science is now proving it is harmful to your health.  The evidence and practical application results are overwhelming.  If you want to learn more, attend a TKM® seminar and Dr. Glenn King will explain and demonstrate.



Hi, my name is Mary, mother of four daughters.

During my first TKM® conference my continual 9 day headache stopped  !My greatest blessing though was my freedom from a 25 year caffeine addiction!

Reply from another student of The King Institute Method on the list serv:

"Congratulations on the caffeine habit broken.  I got over my caffeine addiction of 28 years after the first TKM® training I attended. Just gone!  No headaches, no withdrawals... and that was from drinking about two pots of coffee on most days... not counting the cokes.  The other day I accidentally grabbed my husbands coffee cup, instead of my tea, and it was awful."

I can't believe I ever liked that stuff so much. Keep us posted on the things you are seeing.




I am a Neurodevelopmentalist and work primarily with hurt children, brain injury, CP, autistic, genetic syndromes, visually impaired, auditory impaired, etc.  I travel around the country, in order to make it easier for the families to access the neurodevelopmental approach.   We have three children and three grandchildren.  The third one is still being fearfully and wonderfully knitted together.

There is an intense excitement regarding TKM® for me.  I see how much this can impact the families I work with and enhance what they are doing.  Let alone the life changing impact it has already had for myself.  I praise God for the privilege of having found out about TKM® and for Dr. King and Hillary's faithfulness to the mission/ministry of sharing His work.  Looking forward to getting to know you all and sharing experiences utilizing TKM®.

Enjoy your Blessings, 

Linda Kane



This is a paste of a note sent to my associates about a child with learning problems that came for an evaluation.
I definitely added TKM® to the parent training of what to do to help this guy.  I had an eval the other day of a young boy that was born four weeks early.  He developed lung problems and was on a respirator.

Then he developed liver problems.  I looked in my TKM® book and lung energy debilitates liver.  The mom also said that he sucked his middle and ring finger and rubbed the front of his head with the back of his hand until he was eight, he is now age 9.  These are the fingers associated with those two organs in the understanding of TKM®.

I haven't looked up the correlation to the #20 E.S. that are on the forehead yet.  I felt like I should give them the #4 sequence to do and so I asked mom if he ever put his hands behind the back of his neck where the #4's are located.  She said she is constantly telling him to put his hands and arms down from that position.  He has naturally known all these years what he needed to do to help himself.  To me that is a God thing.
If we can help him more with the specifics of TKM®, I am all for it!




An email on KIMA-Talk list serv
My name is Jan, I'm a Neurodevelopmentalist. Long word for helping families get the information they need to help their labeled child. I'm in Dallas, Tx and work mostly with ADD, Dyslexia, ADHD and other learning difficulties as well as gifted. Several of my associates are on a list serv too and many of them work with more severe labels like autism and cerebral palsy.  Chim in here ladies!!  We haven't been working with TKM® very long but we are seeing very positive results already!



A mom with mentally handicap son.

Just a few comments of feedback.  A mom emailed me that she has been holding #4's two times a day and also doing the fingers and toes 2x daily.  She says he made good improvement in her son's temperament.  Only two tantrums all week and no 'meltdowns', which were driving her crazy.  Also, she reported that he started potty training.  That is just amazing for him.  She is asking what else if anything she could add to what they are doing.  She is excited about the quick results.

Also, I had loaned the TKM® video to someone and I ran in to her today and she said that she had taken a lot of notes from the video.  She has a little boy who gets very emotional and stays upset for a day at a time and they have just gone through a divorce etc.  Well, she decided to do something that she saw on the video.  I don't even know what it is exactly, it looked like just holding the center of #l3's and center of #l0's?

She says she did this with her son when he was becoming upset and after only 5 minutes he was calm and all finished being emotionally upset.  She is very impressed with it already and is talking about possibly taking some TKM® training in the future.




Things are going very well.  I find myself at such a point of change these past ten days.  I think it is fairly dramatic change for me.

First, I feel every little energy sphere when it has a concern.  However, after years of ignoring everything or simply not allowing myself to feel, it is very interesting.  How I ever clenched my teeth so much before is beyond me.  Those teeth even barely touch now and the signals are jolting them apart.

Secondly, I have totally improved how and what I am eating.

Thirdly,  I have drastically cut back my work load to make sure there is time for the important things.

Fourth, I've quit drinking the glass or two of wine I would have done fairly regularly.  The Lord reminded me that I don't need to do all the things I have done for years to ease the physical and emotional pain or take the edge off of stress, it's pretty much in check. The emotional pain it is gone and I need or use any artificial means in an attempt to relax.

LIFE IS GOOD!!!!  I think I will enjoy being an Ambassador of Freedom.  God is sooo good.

Thank you for your HUGE part in this blessing.



 An email from a student.

Hello all, I saw a family in New Hampshire today.  They have either headed off or stopped seizures in action every time they've applied TKM® with their son, which is about every seizure he has...  and he has bunches.  They've been doing it since September and are thrilled.  

Everyone in the family knows how to "jump into action" no matter where they are... a store, church, home.  Just wanted you to know that you have made a huge difference in yet one more family's life.  They are excited at the prospect of doing more work with TKM® to perhaps get to the cause level for the seizures to stop them once and for all.

Blessings from New Hampshire



TKM® Instructor

The seminar/training I attended last weekend in Louisiana went extremely well.  There was an ENT dad there, and the mom was an MD.  He is excited to try the thumbs and thumbs/big toes holding for his son suffering with a seizure disorder.

There was a mom of an autistic child at the seminar.  I'd never met her before.  She brought her son to the training on Sunday when we were working on some TKM® hand's on.   She told me she can not ever remember sleeping as well as she has since starting the Median Sequence on Friday night.  Pretty excited mom!  

There were two autistic individuals I worked with.  Both responded NOTICEABLE to holding the #4's.  Instantly calmed.

The therapists there were quite impressed.  A speech therapist who put together this training is very excited about TKM®.  She will be at the Dallas training this month.  She mentioned seeing if the hospital would have a TKM® training.  The hospital, Our Lady of Lourdes, is quite an impressive hospital. I'll pray that it is something that works out for you.

One of my parent clients, is the mom who stopped a child's seizure in the mall with TKM®.  The testimony was posted on KIMA-TALK.  She was so excited.  She stayed up for several hours that night reading the TKM® book.  She is very excited.

Love and prayers continually your way!



From a student in Miami.

Dear Dr. Glenn King,

I would like you to know that my husband is forever grateful for your TKM® system. He had very weak ankles that would get sprained very often. The last time was last year during the bad storm in October.

I applied the correct sequence and he was walking the next day and most important he has been pain free ever since and no more sprains.

Another time I went on a trip with my oldest son and he started to have extreme back pain. The place we were at, I had no access to doctors. I applied the correct TKM® sequence and when he woke the next day he was without any pain! Unbelievable!

More recently my daughter has been sick with a bad cold and prone to coughing attacks, even though she is on medication. Once I applied the sequence for coughing the attacks didn't occur again. Now, bringing her fever down is not a problem and I do it without drugs. It's amazing! I could go on and on.

However; I will tell you one more success story since I think its important that you know. My friend Graciela, had gallbladder stones that the doctor's told her had to be surgically removed since one was an inch in size. Nothing had worked and she was in great pain.

She called me and I applied the designated TKM® sequence for two consecutive night's. The stones have broken up and her body is disposing of them and most important her pain has gone away.

Just wanted to tell you and thank you!



Blessings to Everyone, Since attending the King Institute's teaching seminar at the first of the month and being a "newbie" to this group, I would like to share a joy with the group.  Due to God's awesome love, my daughter, continues to "wow" me with her increased awareness and abilities. Yesterday was a "major" day!  First she took a telephone message... not that it was new but she got the information correct. She repeated it, unlike her mother, and didn't write anything down.  And she has been showing signs of time awareness... like "mom, this show is about over then I will do what you need me to do."  I love the fact she is showing the signs of her age group.  Wait...she is a teenager... please stop me.

Most of all she is becoming more willing to allow me to do more TKM® on her for longer periods.  I told her I was just practicing and she reached up, tickled me and said she wasn't my guinea pig.  Another big thing... she was wearing a Band-Aid around her thumb when I asked what she had done.   She told the whole sequence and I mean SEQUENCE.  And it was in the correct order!!  Plus, how SHE applied TKM® to her hand and was only wearing the Band-Aid in case her injury came back.  The list of all her improvements keep growing everyday and are too numerous to go into with the short email I had intended to write.

In Christ's love,
J. (A new student of The King Institute Method® for her child)



From a woman and her son with down syndrome.

Interesting event this morning while walking through the airport.  Only thing on my mind was getting to my gate.  Suddenly, out of no where, I had a stream of tears from my right eye.  Is that the start, because i don't tear or cry?  Didn't even brush them away. They felt soooo good!  

Other things I am noticing...  I'm not bruising any more!  I have always had huge bruises that I don't have a clue where they came from.   Pretty fun!  I'm also sleeping much better and actually starting to remember pieces of dreams.  Rarely do I find my teeth clenched anymore.  I no longer have that invisible "screen" between myself and people.  It had always been as if there was a real barrier between.  I've quit needing to "hug" pillows, just like you said.

I have even been comfortable picking "middle" tables this past weekend.  God is sooooooo good.  This truly is a new life here.

We have some good friends who are in town this week visiting.  They are astounded at the changes in my son.  It is nice to hear from someone who isn't so close to the situation.  We tend to miss so much when we are in the daily thick of things.  They see facial feature changes, much more cognitive reasoning and thought, more outgoing, more animated, and much more purposeful in everything he does.  So great!  And we are only doing TKM® twice a day, six days per week.

My husband and I were talking this morning about the changes we see in our son.  He is so much more willing to go with us, even if it is just doing petty errands.  He never wanted to go before.  He is always going to the airport to see me off or pick me up now.  He used to fuss if we made him come with us. 

He is participating in things that he would never have before.  Example: My husband and son went to a baby shower/dinner while I was out of town this past weekend.  There was a funny game of trying to diaper a baby doll.  Not only did my son participate, which would have NEVER happened before, but he won!  Everyone commented how gentle he was in doing it.  Pretty funny.  The kiddo has never done a diaper in his life.  It is amazing how much TKM® has effected and improved our life.

I cannot thank you enough for your love, dedication, perseverance, and faithfulness.  There is no way to express my gratefulness adequately.  The gravitational pull from the past is gone.  Healing is well on it's way to completion . You are treasures that I am very grateful to Jesus for. Love and blessings!



Email from a student

I go to a naturopath-homeopath-chiropractor-accupuncturist.  Once a year I get my blood work done up and we talk about my program for supplements.  He asks me a lot of his typical questions like:

How is your hair doing?... because I was experiencing a lot of hair loss.
My answer: I'm not losing much hair!
How is your neck and back?... because he would frequently give me adjustments.
My answer: They are doing great!
How about your stiff joints?...  at one point I thought I might have arthritis, though found out through a test that I didn't.
My answer: My joints are not stiff anymore!
How is your sleep?  My answer: I now sleep so well that I no longer take melatonin!
Your digestion? My answer: Fine!
Your energy?... I used to have an afternoon low.  My answer: Good, no more afternoon low!
A year ago he took a heart test and something showed up. This year he took a heart test and it was normal!
How is that for a great report?
Thanks for TKM®.



Joy is the correct word when describing the privilege of working with families who are seeing great fruit utilizing TKM®.   It does get discouraging sometime, somewhat, when we come across those struggles of people not trying what you know will work.   You are right, though, whatever it takes!  It is worth it to see the results.

Another joy to share...  parents with autistic and hyperactive children are having great success with calming their children by either holding the #4's when upset or by doing the first step of ES #13 sequence.

Recently an 18 year old young man, seizure disorder, nonverbal autistic, overturned tables and chairs in a doctor's office lab.  My understanding was it was quite a scene.  He was there to have blood drawn.  Mom took him out of the office and applied those calming TKM® steps for fifteen minutes.  After TKM®, he quietly walked into the lab, sat down, offered his arm and calmly let them draw blood. 

They had several "big" guys that had been called in to hold him down.  They were amazed that no restraint was needed and no resistance given.  Like drawing blood isn't terrifying enough for some of our kids.  How wonderful that TKM® can calm the fears and make something terrifying... okay to get through.

-A Neurodevelopmentalist



A notice (from a student) to sponsor a class after attending a one day class.
This is a clip from the flyer. How to Heal Yourself With your hands  -  TKM®

We have moved the class from Reno, NV to Sacramento, California due to unpredictable weather for those traveling over Donner Summit.  I have talked with many of you, and all those using the techniques we learned in the EMT class are pleased and excited about this Self-Help class.

I have been using some of the techniques we learned in the EMT class on my son, who has been paralyzed for the last 6 years.  He has spasms that make him extremely uncomfortable.  TKM® stops these spasms for several hours.  

I used TKM® on a relative who has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and suffers from pain all over her body.  After one session she was pain free and was able to sleep for 12 hours without sleeping medications.  She was so excited she purchased a book and video.  This is a powerful tool to offer our clients.

Linda & Jim Jenks



Email from a student,

Dr. King,
I attended the introductory Self-help class from King Institute this past weekend in Hutchinson, KS.  I want to say that I have attended many classes, some concerning energy, health, and others on how to treat the body.  The one thing I must say about this class is "If there was only one class that a person could take, this would be the one that I highly recommend"!

I feel as if this class has everything, it is all encompassing.  I cannot say enough about how powerful this knowledge is for our lives and the ones around us. Thank you for passing this knowledge on to me.  I can't wait to learn more and tell others about your classes.

Betty Allen



Email from a student/health professional on our list serve.

Hi everyone,

I want to share regarding a six year old boy I'm working on.  He is extremely impulsive, destructive, hyperactive, developmentally delayed, very sensory, and microcephalic.  The hyperactivity is so extreme, he was constantly moving, even in his sleep.  Being still for even a moment has been impossible for this little guy.  I talked with the mom yesterday and she is "Praising God".

Since starting the TKM® Median Sequence with him at the end of September, his hyperactivity and impulsivity levels have been gradually decreasing.   She said he is so much calmer and quieter.  After years of non stop motion, this is such a relief!
Kind of like stepping off a merry-go-round you've been on for years and finally being able to rest.

Praise God!



Email from a recent student
I wanted to let you know a couple of things that have been happening.  I had liver problems and am using herbs to help.
I also have insulin resistance diabetes and my armpits have been totally inflamed for over 8 months - doctors were baffled and nothing has helped.

My husband has been "palming my calves," as you taught, each night for 30 minutes. We work opposite shifts for we only have time for once daily through the week.  And now my armpits are just about normal.  If we miss a night they do become a little red, but this has made a believer of my hubby!

I have been trying to do other TKM® procedures, but time is often not an option as my 9 year old granddaughter has come to live with us... whew!  What an adjustment.

Today, I received a call from Sally with regard to a friend's hubby.  They have an herb shop across from where I work and he was in trouble with his heart.  I left work and went over and applied the sequence for heart attack.  I had problems getting the pulses together so I asked him to remove his watch which was on the left arm.  Once we did that, in a few minutes his pulses were together and he had no more pain.  Sally wanted to make sure I emailed you so I'm doing this from work. 

Have a blessed day and we all thank you for sharing your information!



We had another awesome display of the Lord's power through TKM yesterday.  A 26 year old woman came to me with chronic diarrhea, severe chronic pain in the shoulders and back, plus anxiety, scoliosis, and migraines.

She'd been to all kinds of doctors with no help except suggestions of lots of tests and prescriptions.  Her left shoulder was raised 3 inches higher than her right shoulder.  While attractive, she had a pained, oppressed look about her.  I was applying the first step of #13 sequence when her body began to release tension from the chest down.  Her shoulders began to project forward so violently that I could hear the bones clicking.  I asked her if she was all right and she nodded that she was.  I assured her that her body was releasing tension and stress rapidly. I also completed a #8 sequence.

Throughout the sequence she continued to have major muscle spasms and releases.  I did the Mediator sequence next and as I completed it she relaxed and told me that she'd never felt such a state of peace! She got off of the table with a beautiful glow about her.  Her shoulders were even and her posture was perfect.  She called me 6 hours later to tell me how great she felt. 

There is another interesting aspect to this story.
This woman must have found  me through the Holy Spirit.  She was looking for someone who practiced alternative medicine.  Through a chain of connections she contacted someone who knew me that gave her my name (actually gave her the last name of Robinson not Robertson).  She didn't have my phone number.  The woman found me by spending 5 hours online searching for a Jim Robinson in Sebring, FL.  In spite of the fact that I don't advertise, have no web site and the name was spelled wrong, she found my home phone and called me 8:30 that night.  This woman wanted to be well!  When I talked to her on the phone she broke down and cried.  I prayed with her and told her that I knew the Lord was going to do something powerful with her if she'd been that persistent to find me since only the Lord could've led her to me.  I'm still in awe of what He had done with her and extremely humbled to have been allowed to experience it.

Incidentally, I never did finish more than two steps of #13.  .
Praise God,
Dr. Robertson



A copy of a letter from a health professional to her clients:

I wanted to take some time and tell you about TKM®.  I was first introduced to this method in May by a fellow neurodevelopmentalist, Jan Bedell.  She knew I've had back problems most of my life, asked if she could try TKM® on me.  I was skeptical, but figured why not.  I was amazed how the back pain left.  And it stayed gone.  That really got my attention.   I started praying about attending a training in the method.

TKM® deals with the physics level of the body.  I know a lot about the neurodevelopment connection and I know a good bit about the bio-chemical and metabolic connection.  I had to admit, though, I knew next to nothing about the physics connection.  Since all matter is energy, and thus we are all energy, which is physics at the most basic level, it would make sense that this is a vital component as well. 

It also made perfect sense that if the energy pathways into and out of the brain can cause so many problems with our children, then the pathways throughout the body that orchestrate the physics can cause problems.  How our organs, blood, muscle, skin, and bones function tie directly into the physics level of our bodies.

Like acupuncture, herbs, and homeopathy, TKM® has it's roots, or was discovered in Eastern medicine.  Of course, all of our roots from the East!  Jesus came from the Middle East.  Our traditional Western culture tends to think of medicine in terms of cut, burn, and medicate.  I really believe we were created with everything we need.  Including the bodies ability to rejuvenate and heal itself. We just haven't had much practice or education with it.  We are so magnificently created!  The first training I attended in this method was in July.  I was amazed at the revelation I received.

Since July, I've eliminated the bothersome daily headaches I had come to live with.  My stress level is greatly reduced.  There is a noticeable, deeper peace and calm in my life.  My thyroid seems to be kicking-in and functioning closer to normal.  The biggest thing is the back improvements.  It used to  be a rare day when my back didn't hurt.  Now, it is a rare day when it does hurt.  Those usually come after lugging luggage while traveling.  Then, I may only have a slight back ache for that day.  In Seattle last month I really handled my luggage wrong and did some damage.  However, instead of hurting for weeks, which is what typically happened, it was resolved in three days.

While in Hawaii last August, I was stung by a jelly fish.  My ankle swelled up and looked as though I had this huge chain link ankle bracelet on.  It really hurt!  It throbbed!  It was nasty.  I was told that it would hurt for two or three days, especially since this was my first exposure to that toxin, then it would start scabbing over.  The scabbing could last two or three weeks.  I wasn't very happy.  Then I remembered a TKM® application for removing toxins.  I applied TKM® to the ankle and within 40 minutes it was totally back to normal!  

Well, there was a very slight pinkish mark where the tail had stung.  I think those were only left so I'd believe it really did happen.  I just finished taking the TKM® training for a second time in Seattle.  I am more convinced than ever in TKM®.  I really believe this is something that would enhance all you're doing with your children.

A fellow neurodevelopmentalist in Washington applied TKM® with her son, who has been experiencing major grand mal seizures, and now they're seeing a decrease in seizures.   They're shorter in duration with quicker recovery time when he has a seizure.  

There are more testimonies, but I hope this is enough to peak your interest.  Dr. Glenn King and his wife are wonderful Christians whose heart is to help others.  They are a couple with high integrity.  It is well worth exploring.

In an effort to help us work with our children, Dr. King set-up a training class this January for parents to come with their child.  Our old home church is hosting the training.   Assistance with the children, if needed, during the teaching times is being arranged.  The point of the training will be to help parents learn how to use TKM® to help their children.  Of course, we all need it as well, and the parents will get just as much out of it for helping themselves. 

It's the training that I've taken twice, and I'll be there again.  There are families in Annapolis that have talked about having a training there.    I put this out to you, as I put out any information I give you.  Explore it, pray about it, and see if this is something the Lord would have you include.   Three of my families took the class in Seattle last month.  They were not sorry!   If you have further questions regarding this feel free to call Hillary King (800-640-7998).

Enjoy your blessings,



Hi Dr. King,
I received a phone call the other day from someone who read the KIMA Journal article about the horse and was wanting help with her horse.

The horse had injured his back leg. Since she had only read her sister's KIMA Journal & didn't have any TKM training herself, we suggested that she do a #1 application - because of the location and the simplicity of the application.  She wrote back:  "We did the #1 sequence yesterday and the horse looked 10 years younger! It was great to see!"

So that was very exciting news.