We started a Free lecture Series on this very important topic.  Each lecture over the next few months will be on a different subject related to common issues everyone experiences to some degree.
Such as, Brain health, Cardiovascular health, How to avoid or recover from the common silent killers like cancer and cardiovascular disease, aging exceptionally - not averagely, and many health aspects we take for granted that is part of aging which can be averted beyond what most people believe.
We have completed the first phase of Brain Health and if you missed it, you can access the recorded Free video from our website
We all get older, which is not avoidable. Although, we should not let our physical and mental health waste away in the actual prime of life, this example is for when we have matured enough and worked enough to enjoy the fruits of life, then find that our body and/or mind is no longer able. You may not enjoy the thought of this topic, but read and check out the lectures or videos before you dismiss this too easily. You will enjoy what you find out and it will help you!
Most of the time disease will hit us before the considered age of elders, which also is usually avoidable with applying right knowledge for proper lifestyle changes, which is included in this lecture series.
Let me take a detour here to talk about the importance of this coming lecture on cardiovascular health. Recent studies show alarming hazards from medical treatments  and medications that only now are becoming known how toxic they are to the heart and cardiovascular system. Plus the amount of daily toxins we encounter in our normal life that we would never think are accumulating in our body to challenge our immune, cardio and neurological systems. A part of this impact is revealed in the EPA's 2018 report on the average citizen of the USA is exposed to over 15K toxic chemicals daily. When/if you think this does not apply to you, your profession, your environment - think again!  Just this morning I spent time with a young man with three children and a wife who needs him, but his health has taken a sharp turn seemingly suddenly - although it has been coming for some time unknown to him until today and yes he is quite taken back.
My encouragement to each of you is find out what you need to know about your health now, before you have a serious and surprising challenge.
In some biological aspects the decline starts in our "twenties" and just increases through the years without giving you warnings until it is often too late - with some repercussions too often fatal.  In the present day, we are declining more rapid than ever despite some propaganda that does not hold even drops of water.  Children and  babies are even getting cancer now at a much higher rate. Brain disorders, according to statistics, are greatly increasing, toxic levels and new toxins found in people have increased to the degree that a study last year revealed that in the USA you are averagely exposed to one-million-times more toxins and stress than your grandparent was at your current age.
Many want to wait until there is a problem, serious problem, until they attempt to find out what action to take.  Since some health issues occur without notice and can be fatal, like heart attacks, stroke and others that you may simply not make it to a hospital. These episodes are happening at younger ages,  plus incidences in women are continuing to rise. It is not a wise approach.
So, we are offering to find out now where the needs are and learn what options you have available to actually prevent most of these health issues, especially in natural, non-invasive, non-toxic ways that are extremely effective, especially when caught in time.
Unless you're a youngster, the depreciation of the mind, bodily functions, joints, muscles, and cardiovascular fitness have been declining for many years and most just think it is normal. Well, it is if you don't do anything about it!  It is amazing how much can be recovered when the right lifestyle changes are adopted, and if needed, more measures can be taken if you have already been labeled with a health disability of some level in the body or mind.
A little known truth - when there is no surgery or drug that will truly restore you and no help available beyond the normal resources that you've read or heard about, or that your physician has to offer, which is not a solution - there is still help!  This is our specialty that has been learned over decades of education, researching, and practicing more from a physics perspective to produce the proof of what helps when everything else fails.
Don't settle for the normal decline or phrases often heard like "well considering your age" and especially the most misused term "preventative medicine" which is not designed for you particularity.  Remember, although you are human like everyone else, you are an individual unlike anyone else, and continuously changing, and need to be treated as such and not like cattle.
We addressed the common misuses and misunderstandings of the term "preventative medicine" and how you can learn to apply it properly and individually for yourself in very productive ways that will accomplish what the term actually means,  in the first lecture Brain Health.  But, it will be revisited several times through the series to cover different aspects.  This information will also enable you to recognize the truth about the way the term is commonly used to sell the same products to everyone expecting the same results, or like eating the same food, diet, or exercise to make you feel better about yourself while still declining and remaining vulnerable to the same risk of disorders as others - not doing anything so-called truly healthy or preventative.
This does not mean that if you engage in regular exercise and/or have a healthy diet and/or take quality needed supplements - that it has no benefit.  It is to clarify that statistics show clearly that you're still under similar risks as everyone else living the typical American lifestyle. Which also depends on standardized medicine to resolve every health issue that will come up in life.  We know if that were true - we all would be living a long life with all our mental faculties and be physically able and fit to do all we desire in our mature years.  So lets not delude ourselves about the facts.  You can sadly just look around at family, relatives, friends and their relatives to see the truth. Now is the time to learn what to do about it!!!
In my practice I obviously see many in the general public, plus medical doctors and their family members as well as respected natural health professionals seeking help for issues interfering with their quality of health and life.  I myself have been negligent at times in caring for myself properly and ended up with similar serious health challenges as others.  Recovering naturally from these experiences have further helped me understand better what it really takes to make proper effective changes for desired results.  My intent and goal is to not keep this information a secret, but to share what I've learned. Because, as a result of my experiences I understand and embrace the responsibility I have to do all I can to help others - who are willing!  I'm tired of seeing too much of "too late" or "too little too late" scenarios.
The last topic was Brain Health and the next topic is Cardiovascular Health! Remember, over 50% of the population dies from some form of cardiovascular disease.  Let's change that statistic for you and your family.
This lecture applies to any age from birth to 110 years maturity. From declining issues, functions, and impairment to injuries.