Most people do not realize they have been sold a "bill of goods" concerning most cancer treatments. Find out the facts about misrepresentations, deception in the highest degree and what we all should know but are not being told, even when we ask!
"Patients and families are bombarded with the news that the country is winning the war against cancer." But, the truth is that billions of dollars are being made by.....
If you believe the hype that all media provides or the sources that say we have the answer, then just think about how many people you've known diagnosed with cancer and how many of those have survived this terrible disease.
*The lecture is approximately one and a half hours long. Please allow time for the video to load after you press the play button.

The public needs to get the real facts about cancer and the real facts about what people are doing when they get cancer. First fact is cancer is NOT declining, nor has it wavered at all in decades years. In fact it is the most steady graph for all causes of death in the USA.
Obviously, not much can be said here about the real truth, but we will share it all in this Free Lecture. We will quote the most respected resources that can be gathered and will present the facts, which are easily proven.
Also, we discuss about preventing cancer in various ways, but offer no way of detecting whether your personal risk of cancer is low, high, or imminent. Plus, the truth about cancer prevention protocols are not personally-designed by 99+% of resources that do offer protocols.
There is a wealth of information available we will share and point to - such as: effective testing, and personally-designed protocols that have optimal effective results for prevention. Plus, recovery recommendations and personally-designed protocols.
Recently Dr. Glenn T. King, PhD and the Better Health Center conducted a free lecture on "Guard Against Cancer" and said that especially through 2021 he has declared war on cancer and is focused on bringing awareness of how to get ahead of this terrible, murderous disease.
This is not another FYI about cancer, it is about effectively confronting the war that has been waged on mankind. We now need to wage an effective war on cancer. Let's start with revealing the TRUTH! Many do not want to talk about this serious topic until it is too late. Do not let that be you!