NO! And I agree there are many sites that are very strange, especially concerning the topic of energy.
When there is a profound truth, especially when it glorifies God and helps His people, anti and error systems will be encountered. The error systems have predominated, especially in the New Age movement over the last few decades, but the time is overdue to proclaim the truth and clean off the barnacles that truth has collected - in order to distinguish between God's creation and purpose, and man's attempt at counterfeits. 
Not all things have truth with barnacles, they are sometimes simply false.  Other times when truth has been twisted and has collected many barnacles, it doesn't mean we should through the baby out with the bath water - along with the bathroom and the region. Remember that prejudice comes from ignorance! So let's learn and find the truth and test it to make sure. In these times people most often simply look to some internet source to find what is truth, but everyone has access to post on the internet. So, we each must do our due diligence to find the truth and not just take anyone's word for it. Start with simply asking the One who knows, because He is Truth.
To reiterate, there is nothing mystical or new age about TKM or anything we would be involved in or what we provide!