You might say as much as day and night.  There are many differences and it would take too much space to cover all the differences. This is true science, meaning of God's creastion rather than theories man devises. For example: In our five-day introductory class many distinctive differences are explained, but not all because there are so many. To name some of what we feel are the most important:
  •     There is absolutely no channeling of any kind of energy, no giving or taking, or transferring of energy. It is not possible to transfer energy when working with the natural, God-created, internal bio-electromagnetic energy system.
  •    TKM is working on a physically based energy which exists in all humans. There is nothing supernatural, spiritual or mystical about the method or the internal bio-electromagnetic energy system with which it works.
  •     The method use and understanding is based on science, physics and congruency which provides understanding of how the human body functions on an energetic level, and is also understood in more detail from a quantum physics perspective and how to help the body function better non-invasively without any possible repercussions.
  •     This method has consistently achieved what no other method even claims to be able to accomplish in health restoration and in stopping acute emergency episodes.
  •     TKM is not applied through religion and, at the same time, honors God in its understanding and practice which does not conflict with the Word of God.
  •     TKM does not promote any philosophy, no new age beliefs, religion, or practice.
  •     To conclude, TKM® promotes more understanding to provide extraordinary help and more congruency with all human experiences, with no physical, mental, emotional or spiritual repercussions, plus is able to evidence this through testing in all of these and other areas. And has been tested, studied and verified by medical doctors, scientists and technology with consistent results.