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TKM® Special Pulses/Textures, Energy Sphere personal training, & Hands-on sessions for BEST Proficiency

03-18-2022 - 03-19-2022
LocationPlano, TX

This TKM Special 2-Day Training Seminar is focused on the most essential aspects of TKM  

Topics are: Pulses/Textures w/ personal interaction training, Energy Sphere Locations w/ personal interaction training, Hands-on sessions for best proficiency, TKM Special Discussions and more for the great need in these times and what may come upon us at any time.

Dr. King will help you understand how to detect pulses, feel and identify pulse textures, plus the intensity and synchronicity to distinguish between symptoms and cause level. You'll learn effective ways to determine which TKM applications would be best to help resolve issues and bring relief and restoration.

Experiencing and learning pulses is best through comparative confirmation during the practical applications in the seminar and personal interaction. Therefore, we will provide more hands-on sessions training throughout the seminar for the practical applications needed. 

This is why the pulses and hands-on aspects are essential for those attending in-person to insure better personal learning and confidence in pulses.

The importance of in-depth personal training on aspects of 'listening to' and understanding Pulses, Textures, and Pulse Puzzles (what to do with pulses you feel - in relation to the project), pulses at the beginning of a session, during a session, as well as after a session are vitally important for achieving the extraordinary results everyone hears about with TKM, and cannot be over stated.

Dr. King includes one-on-one checking and training to improve accuracy for all in-person attendees, plus Energy Sphere Locations accurately, so please attend in person for best results.

The TKM hands-on techniques and other aspects that will be included in this special class will help get the best out of understanding the difference between causes and symptoms; all aspects of pulses/textures, Energy  Spheres accurate locations, and techniques to get the best out of the body of TKM knowledge and applications. 

This special topic training is so essential, just imagine knowing TKM is available and having the materials but not knowing how to apply it for the extraordinary effects taught. So, make time and bring spouse, family, friends that have had TKM Levels 1&2 or beyond and lets get this done so you will have the ability needed now and in times to come.  

It is highly recommended to attend this special training in person, but if you desire the information online - then register today and contact our office after registering. If enough register online we will provide that access. If not we will refund your deposit, but we need to know ahead of time how many will be online. 

ALL participants register now!

Instructor: Glenn T. King, PhD, CDN, CN

Location: Plano, TX

Date & Time: March 18th-19th; 9am-5pm

Prerequisite: Completion of Levels 1&2 class

Tuition in-person: ONLY $395 

Tuition Online: Only $200 Online (per person)

Spouses 50% off

Deposit: $195 (required at registration)

Register NOW: Attendance is available in-person or Online.

For online, contact the Institute right after registering 214-731-9795.

$ 395.00