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    Event Date Price
    TKM® Training Special - Levels 3 & 4 (4-day)
     Location: King Institute LLC
    Feb 6, 2019 - Feb 9, 2019 $ 695.00

    This Special 4-day TKM® Levels 3&4 Seminar covers more in-depth TKM® subjects not addressed in Levels 1 and 2.  Participants will understand more about complex health issues and the progression of disorders to distinguish between causes and symptoms, and be able to apply appropriate TKM® therapy solutions.

    Participants will also understand how seemingly unrelated disorders, that often seem minor, can lead to serious conditions and even fatal issues, if not properly addressed.

    The TKM® Levels 3&4 book is filled with additional TKM® applications not found in Levels 1&2 or other TKM® books.  It provides a much broader range of applications, plus specific applications to help resolve most possible health disorders when coupled with Levels 1&2 material and understanding. This is a major part of what makes this very special seminar so very important for family care and professional care.  Also provided is "special training" and applications for immediate results for many health issues.

    Instructor: Glenn T. King, PhD, CDN, CN

    Location: 7651 Main St. Frisco, TX (Better Health Center)

    Time: February 6-9; 9am-5pm

    Prerequisites: Completion of Levels 1&2 (in-person, Online, or DVDs - verified)

    Tuition (new participant): Regular $1,190.00 Only $695 (includes book and materials)

    Tuition (review participant - verified): Only $295

    Attending spouse and/or immediate family member's Tuition: 50% off $695 = Only $347.50 ea. (with one attending at non-discount tuition). 

    Deposit for all attendees: $350.00 (see policy).

    Register (Onilne or In-person Attendance): You must pre-register to attend. Limited space available. Attendance is available Online or In-person. Please call our office to specify whether you will be attending Online or in-person and how many will attend with you. Contact the Institute today at (214) 731-9795 or email