Dr. Glenn T. King - Founder and Director

Glenn T. King, Ph.D., CDN, CN, Rev, in Environmental Health Science (PWU), is the Founder and Director of King Institute LLC in Frisco, Texas.


King is a certified and licensed Dietetics-Nutritionist from the University of the State of New York, a Clinical Nutritionist and member of the International and American Associates of Clinical Nutritionists (IAACN). King has fulfilled qualifying requirements for professional Microscopy Analysis (live and dry cell microscopy). King is a member of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP) in Evergreen, Colorado, and is an alumnus of Ministers for Christ Outreach.

He has studied for over thirty years in diverse health restoration methods and disciplines including Nutrition/Diet, Herbology, Acupuncture/Acupressure, Shiatsu, Reflexology, JSJ®, B.E.S.T. Method, Color, Taste, Sound, and Aroma Therapy among others. His involvement in the complimentary and integrative health field has also included diet, nutrition, exercise and other aspects related to the biochemical reactions within man to understand more about true "Cause and Effect."

King's focus for over twenty years has been a rare science which specializes in the physics of the bioelectromagnetic energy of the body he has termed The King's Method® (TKM®) ref. Mark 16:18. He has authored nine books on the subject: TKM® Textbook (4 volumes), TKM® Self-Help Book, TKM® Procedures Booklet, The TKM® Advanced Book, TKM® Health Missions Book and TKM® E.M.T. Book (Emergency integrative Medicine Techniques) and the TKM® E.M.T. Booklet. His latest book is Wonderully Made.  He published a quarterly Journal, KIMA® Journal - 18 issues, and continues to publish a free bi-monthly newsletter (Health News Update). He is currently writing a book on TKM® for the public.

He has contributed articles on TKM® to the Alternative Medicine Digest as well as to The Alternative Medicine Guide to Heart Disease by the Burton Goldberg Group, and The Definitive Guide to Alternative Medicine (promoted on CNN Headline News), which is an elective study in several Medical Universities. Dr. King lectures and teaches TKM® in Dallas and elsewhere in the United States and abroad. Dr. King has developed DVD and CD media for both the layperson and physicians stressing the importance of integrating this extraordinary method to help restore health and coherence to bodily functions.

King founded the King Institute in 1990. The Institute is a Christian-based natural health organization involved in health research, therapy, and education. The Institute's overall mission is to provide knowledge and help for all people suffering with health issues whether physical, emotional or mental. Through a comprehensive approach, almost any injury or illness can be addressed effectively without the use of surgery or pharmaceuticals. The Institute has physicians and other health specialists available for consultation or referrals when necessary. The Institute also provides training and health counseling in areas such as diet, nutrition, exercise as well as other therapeutic treatments for the general public and medical professionals alike.

Glenn King and his wife Hillary (Xuan Huong) reside in Frisco, TX and have two children, David and Christine, and two granddaughters. The family attends Gateway Church in Frisco, Texas.

Home office Location:Frisco, TX
Phone: (214) 731-9795
Full Time TKM® Practice : Yes 
King Institute LLC, Better Health Center
Years TKM® Experience: Full Time Since 1989