TKM® Special Pulses, Body biography and TKM Assessment Training 03-03-2023 09:30 am - 03-04-2023 04:00 pm

This special focus seminar will cover more in-depth information on energy pulses like listening to pulses, understanding pulses, textures, pulse puzzles, and other aspects related to TKM energy pulses.
There will be hands-on sessions involving learning more about detecting and achieving better results with pulses during TKM® sessions.
This will include one-on-one checking and training to improve accuracy, plus learning about what is chronic in pulses compared to current condition responses. Instructor will pay individual attention to each attendee to help in areas needed by each individual to be more efficient with pulses in all aspects. This special training will provide a great growth advantage over all other pulse training offered.  We also need a variety of pulse patterns on people for an effective learning experience. 
Body Biography looks at the shape, form, and positioning of the body due to improper energy functioning (Energy Spheres and pathways) for understanding and the TKM® choices for resolution. It helps understand symptoms, issues, and pulses better through comparative confirmation. You will never look at people the same way again! Sign up today for this exciting class in-person for the best learning experience. 
TKM Analysis: We also introduce for the first time this training on TKM perspective analysis on individuals for deducing energy congestions, whether energy lack or excess, symptoms, pulses, attitudes, and body biography as well as other aspects to understanding chronic congestion leading to disorders for addressing root causes for true resolution and freedom.   Join us! Register today!