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TKM® Levels 7&8 (3-day)

05-27-2020 - 05-29-2020
LocationKing Institute LLC

We have recently conducted three classes and two of them have been only live streamed online attendance. There were great reviews and requests for more. It actually changed into a higher flow of uninterrupted information that was in ways refreshing for me and for powerful for students based on feedback. Therefore, we are going to taking the next obvious step by requests of this three day TKM Levels 7 & 8.  Levels 7&8 is the more advanced teaching on volumes 3&4 TKM Textbook. Just like the Levels 5&6 class was on the volumes 1&2 Textbook.

This class immediately begins with learning a deeper understanding of the information in TKM Volumes 3 & 4. This class is for people wanting a more solid understanding of this powerfully effective knowledge to help family members, or as a health professional.

Instructor: Dr. Glenn T. King

Location: King Institute, LLC

Time: May 27th-29th; 9:30am-4pm (Wed-Fri)

Prerequisites: Completion of Levels 1-4

Tuition: $525 (Discounted)

Tuition (review students): $375

Deposit: $250 (required at registration)

Register: Attendance is available Online: Contact the Institute after registering (214) 731-9795

Please register now for each person attending. 

$ 525.00

TKM® Pathways Training Seminar

06-11-2020 - 06-13-2020
LocationKansas City, MO

TKM® Pathways Training Seminar

(Special Topic Class)

This is an in-depth training on the energetic pathways learned in TKM® Levels 3&4. This special training helps understand any pain or health issues from a more comprehensive look into why energy disruptions happen, correlations and how to more effective understand and resolve minor to critical issues.


Prerequisites: Completion of TKM® Levels 1-4

 Tuition: $300 (Do NOT register from this site, Contact:

      Register Now, Seating is Limited!

Location: Kansas City, MO

Time: 10am - 4pm (register at:

Instructor:  Evan EuDaly

Register: Please contact Evan EuDaly ASAP at

to inquire for any details and to register now!