New Seminar on the TKM® Baby Book Titled Wonderfully Made:
This is a very special class on this recently published book. The seminar contains so much valuable information concerning male and female fertility, pregnancy, birth, baby, and up through toddler age, including addressing more than the common possible complications.  It is vital to prepares and raise a child to be as healthy as possible, and this is a great way to learn much from one source. 
The book is included and is in full color with many illustrations.
This class is essential for everyone possible that desires a healthy and natural pregnancy, child, and for parents, or for someone you may know. There will be added videos and PowerPoint presentations to assist in this learning process that will not in the book.
Prerequisite: None, but it is very helpful to have completely at least TKM® Levels 1&2, because we will not teach the basics of TKM.
Register: In-person or Online: For online, contact the Institute after Registering.