Prerequisite: Successful completion of Introductory: Level 1
Based on the New Textbook (as of 1/1/ 2007), the Level 2 class examines pulse-reading in relation to organ energy and pathways. This helps students to distinguish between symptoms and cause, enabling them to discern the most effective application to restore health. This class teaches how to take the guess work out of treatment and not treat for symptoms but for causes.
We also cover the bio-electromagnetic pathways in the human body and how they relate physically, mentally and emotionally to health. This class expounds on information from Level 1 and 2, covering a variety of applications for any health issue. A vital class for any serious TKM® student and for working on a serious health issues.
Deposit: $240
Tuition: $485 / 3 days
(Bring your Textbook and all TKM® materials with you, since King Institute will not have Textbooks available for you to borrow)