Prerequisites: None
Based on the New Textbook (as of 1/1/ 2007), the Level 1 class provides an in-depth introduction to The King's Method® and lays a solid foundation for all other TKM® learning and training. Note: This is a vital class to attend if you or someone in your care has chronic and critical issues!
We cover the basic principles of how the bio-electromagnetic systems function in the body. The class illustrates and demonstrates the location of each Energy Sphere loci on the body, the first basic blueprint in understanding TKM® applications. This includes relations to each location, combination of locations and sequences that can produce profound results with many health issues.
This class sets the stage for all other TKM® learning and training. If you can attend only one class, we recommend this one.
Deposit: $240
Tuition: $485 / 3 days
(Includes New TKM® Textbook and many handouts, available in English or Spanish)