It is important to first clarify that any TKM® that one learns can be utilized to help others or applied for self -help immediately.
We offer a certificate of completion for most classes, although this does not mean that one is certified in the use of TKM® as a practitioner or therapist!  Furthermore, accomplishing certification as a therapist or practitioner does NOT provide any rights to teach TKM®.
For those interested in seriously learning TKM® beyond a certification, it involves years of continued study to accomplish! We do not want to deter anyone who wishes to learn, nor do we want to mislead anyone in thinking that truly understanding the bio electrical systems and how TKM® influences them is easily accomplished.
NOTE: You will have a much better understanding of how much you can quickly and easily learn and how much remains to be learned after attending a textbook class (Levels 1-7). Remember, our purpose is to teach you properly to become extraordinarily effective.