Eric Clapton diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy

I heard for the first time today that legendary musician Eric Clapton has been diagnosed medically with a nerve disorder hampering his ability to play the guitar. Clapton disclosed he is suffering from peripheral neuropathy which has made it "hard work to play the guitar" for the 71-year-old musician.

Clapton discussed the symptoms of the ailment, including numbness in his limbs, especially extremities. Clapton issued his 23rd studio album I Still Do weeks ago, but explained it was not without difficulties due to his health. He said in an interview, "I've had quite a lot of pain over the last year. It started with lower back pain and turned into what they call peripheral neuropathy, which is where you feel like you have electric shocks going down your leg … [It's] hard work to play the guitar and I've had to come to terms with the fact that it will not improve … And I've had to figure out how to deal with some other things from getting old."

Well, getting old does not have to be as bad as many, including the medical community say. We at King Institute have worked with numerous cases with the same symptoms and diagnoses, as well as the many reports we've had from other students approximately applying TKM therapy. The timing of recovery with TKM, and whether it is full or partial, depends on the circumstances (possible causes) that we often find when medically there is usually no known cause or solution.

I hear this all the time, but it still saddens me, and a bit of frustration as well, because most of the time this is not a difficult situation to resolve. At times it has even been accomplished in as little as a couple of weeks with daily TKM therapy. It must be terrible to live your life playing the guitar with extraordinary accomplishments and in your later years be told by medical doctors that it is all over for you and there is nothing to be done. Well, yes there is something that can be done and I hope and pray that Eric Clapton may hear of this somehow, and any others who suffer with peripheral neuropathy - to take a step of faith and try something totally non-invasive and natural that cannot cause harm - but promises improvement and possibly total recovery - TKM Therapy.

You would be surprised at the number of people I run across over the years that do not want to get their hope up - for fear of failure, or cannot believe something could help when the medical doctors say there is no hope. That part is my "bit of frustration", but everybody makes their choices in life - and they have to live with them. So I will focus on the ones seeking help.

It is like the story once told: if you're in a lifeboat and there are people around you in the water - some swimming away and some swimming toward you. Which do you try to help? Always help the ones swimming toward you! While you may be chasing someone swimming away - others who could have been saved will parish.

I'm praying for Eric, and may you and others suffering with peripheral neuropathy seek sources that will help and not sources that say there is no room in the boat for you.

Glenn King 

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Friday, 14 May 2021
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