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     Location: Frisco, TX
    Jul 21, 2018 FREE

    The Maturing vs Aging
    Lecture Series!

    *Important Notice: We have decided to move this lecture to July 21st, as we feel it is too important to miss in light of the 4th of July holiday week.

    Cardiovascular Health  
    Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease

    This is for all ages, as youthful aging is the best preventative medicine!

    This especially applies to those in late twenties or early thirties as a starting point. Although, as we all  know that cardiovascular diseases creep up on people and can suddenly impact their quality of life in so many ways or life itself  It does not suddenly happen! It is a process over many years that is generally ignored until it can devastate your life. And NO, getting regular medical checkups is not going to effectively prevent cardiovascular impairments or disasters, just look around at those who get regular check ups and fall victim to same cardiovascular incidents as everyone else.  

    We started a Free lecture Series that includes this very important topic.  Each lecture over the next few months will be on a different subject related to common issues everyone experiences to some degree.  Such as, Brain health, Cardiovascular health, How to avoid or recover from the common silent killers like cancer and cardiovascular disease, aging exceptionally - not averagely, and many health aspects we take for granted that is part of aging which can be averted beyond what most people believe.

    We completed the first phase titled Brain Health. If you missed it, you can access the Free video from our website   We all get older, which is not avoidable. Although, we should not let our physical and mental health waste away in the actual prime of life, when we have matured enough and worked enough to enjoy the fruits of life, then find that our body and/or mind is no longer able.

    Remember, over 50% of the population in the USA dies from some form of cardiovascular disease.  Let’s change that statistic for you and your family.  Also know that of the 50% most were relying on standardized medicine to avoid these issues and to treat them if it happens. No quick answer, but take time to consider - how well has that worked in your life and in those you know throughout your lifetime? Let’s not turn a blind eye and ear, let’s actually find out  what has shown to be highly effective in especially preventing and for treatment of cardiovascular disorders of all types - that goes far beyond what standardized medicine has offered society in its limited view.  Not to the doctors fault but due to those in highest control in the industry that limit doctors in what they are able to provide.    
    This lecture applies to any age from birth to 110 years maturity. Information for prevention and treatment of declining issues, functions, and impairment to injuries.

    Date: Saturday July 21st 10 a.m. - 11 a.m. Live in-person or live Online.  

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    or attendance Online!

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    Location: 7651 Main Street, Frisco, TX 75034 

    TKM® Special Introductory Levels 1&2 Training Seminar
     Location: Frisco, TX
    Oct 23, 2018 - Oct 27, 2018 $ 695.00

    This is a special educational/training seminar provides a tremendous amount of valuable information to change health and quality of life for everyone. In most cases, despite diagnoses and especially prognosis.  TKM® is just too profound to explain in words only - you must come and experience it!  In many such seminars participants have received healing just in the process of learning TKM® during the hands-on portions of the seminar. 

    This information is truly needed now more than ever before, plus Dr. King is providing less of these opportunities to learn directly from him.  So, gather your family, colleagues, and friends to come and share this wonderful educational experience - that will be far more than you could possibly explain to anyone afterwards in a way that could be understood without attending and experiencing it for yourself.   

    In Level 1, we lay the foundation of understanding TKM® for all levels, including advanced learning (basic principles of how the bio-electromagnetic systems function in the body). The science and physics related have come to the point of unraveling the understanding that has always perplexed people and professionals concerning health and disease. Although, you will be provided with understanding and how-to-use applications for results that will be hard to believe at first - even when witnessed or experienced, but still true and consistent. 

    Included in level 1, we'll illustrate and demonstrate the location of each Energy Sphere (point) on the body and how they relate to all physical, emotional, and mental functions, which is the first basic blueprint in understanding TKM® applications for best results!  This includes relations to each location, combination of locations, and TKM® applications that can produce profound results with most all health issues.  Yes! Anyone can learn them and apply them!

    In Level 2, we examine pulse-reading in relation to all organ energy and circulatory pathways. This helps participants to distinguish between "symptoms and cause", enabling them to discern the most effective application(s) to restore health. This special seminar teaches how to take the guess work out of application options - to not treat for symptoms but rather for the cause(s) of symptoms and disease, disorder, pain.... 

    Come learn and understand how to help yourself, family, and others in a totally natural way for 99+% of the health needs you’ll ever have - mental, emotional and of course physical. Learning in-person is best, so make arrangements and register now to attend in person (LIMITED SPACE).

    Don't miss it! Your need or the need of a loved one may be around the corner!  Don't have regrets later for not learning an effectove way to help!  It's too often a life and death difference that you can make, when you know what to do. In all things we must wisely count the cost of doing or not doing something. Don't forget to consider the possible cost of not learning this information! I've seen it too many times in my life, Dr. King.

    Age limit: Age 16 and above. Anyone younger, then contact the Institute for approval.

    Important Note: Level 1 or Level 2 may not be attended separately.

    Instructors: Glenn King, PhD, CDN, CN, and Andrew Alarcon, BND

    Location: 7651 Main St. Frisco, TX (Better Health Center)

    Time: October 23rd - 27th (4-day); 8am-5pm (Tuesday-Saturday)

    Prerequisites: No prerequisites.

    New Attendee Tuition: Reg. $1,195, this special opprotunity is Only $695.00 Limited space available, (includes book, handouts and class materials).

    Plus an opportunity for 50% Off current sale price of the 14 DVD Set of a 5 day version of the course upon completion.


    Review Attendee Tuition (whether in-person, Online or DVDs - verified): Only $395.00
    Note: The 14 DVD Set of a 5 day version of the course can be purchased before end of class for Only an additional $199.00

    Attending spouse and/or immediate family member's Tuition: 50% off $695.00 = Only $347.50 (with an attending non-discount tuition)

    Attendance available in-person or Online   

    Deposit for all attendees: $350.00, Required at registration

    Register: You must pre-register to attend. Limited space available.  Attendance is available in-person or Online. Please call our office to specify whether you will be attending Online or in-person and how many will attend with you. Contact the Institute at (214) 731-9795 or email

    Inquire about Group Discount (Online attendance only), minimum 6 attendees for one computer.